Archives for February 2008

More of the Southern Belles Clogging On!

Thanks to Blake for his great comment about the Southern Belles – a big winner at the CCA Championships in 2008. Here they are in a more contemporary performance, definitely moving their clogging feet harder and faster:

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Clogging without Clogging Shoes?

How can people really do this? Clogging without clogging shoes…it just doesn’t make sense. The sound, the feel, the rhythm (of which these people seem to be a bit off on), just can’t be there without the rat-ta-tat-tat of the Steven’s Stomper Buck Taps or the Mid-South Clogging Shoes.

The Southern Belles Shake Their Clogging Feet

Fun traditional line dance. The question has come up about what level these cloggers are. I personally think they are probably advanced or championship. This particular dance does not look Pro Level material. What do you think? Are their clogging shoes moving fast and hard enough to be considered Pro?

Traditional Clogging at it’s Best

Our last post featured contemporary cloggers doing their thing to up beat, hip hop music. Many cloggers prefer the contemporary styles: it blends different dance forms together to create something unique and new, it has a tendency to appeal to a wider audience, and it’s a great adrenaline rush.

However, there are still strong debates about contemporary clogging. Many cloggers just don’t think it’s the real deal. I found this really cool video of traditional clogging at it’s best. They don’t seem to be using clogging shoes, the music is bluegrass, and it really represents the roots of clogging.

What do you all think?