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When Will the Fab Five Be On Next?

Special thanks to Trevor Dewitt for this update on Facebook:

Make sure to tune in and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent!  Great job representing clogging as we take over the dancing world 🙂

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Americas Got Talent: The Fab Five is Going to Hollywood

The Fab Five is Moving On!

They made it to Hollywood!

The Fab Five passed tonight and have made it to the Quarter Finals of America’s Got Talent.


Here’s what a few other sites have said about The Fab Five:

Next up is the Fab Five, a group of sisters from Utah ranging in age from 23 to 35. They also have four more sisters and seven brothers because their parents really, really want to get to Heaven. The Fab Five are Irish clog dancers and I’ll admit, they are quite good, though the screaming and the facial expressions are going to give me nightmares tonight. They’re like cheerleaders on cocaine. Hasselhoff jokes about everybody from Utah having the same smile. It’s because their magic underwear is so tight.


Wow, how fun was that to watch! Talk about a blast from the pastIm proud to say I got to compete and? be trained by some of these girls. They still got it!

What do you think about The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent?

The Fab Five on Americas Got Talent Today!

Attention Cloggers, Attention Cloggers!

The Fab Five Clogging Team will be on America’s Got Talent Today, July 28th, 2009.

Check your local listings for details.

Let all cloggers join together to cheer this great clogging team on!

Special thanks to Trevor Dewitt from for the update.

Pass this information on to all your clogging friends and SHOW YOUR CLOGGING SUPPORT!

Why do you love clogging?

Why do you love clogging?

One of the reasons I love clogging is because you can clog to a wide variety of types of music and you don’t necessarily need clogging shoes to make it work.

This is a great example of how clogging can be done anywhere to any music.

I do recommend getting clogging shoes, even clog dancing shoes that are used, if you really want to get the most out of your clogging experience.  Not only will this help you “hear” what you’re doing, but it will give you a better feel for the steps.

Why do YOU love clogging?

Who’s the Best in Adult Clogging?

All That?

The Fab Five?

The Dynamic Edition?

Another team?

Place your vote here!


Due to recent comments about The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent, I want to ask a few questions:

Question 1:

Where is the best place to determine who is the best of the best in Adult Clogging?

Question 2:

Is it ok for adults to compete for overall titles against the younger cloggers at local competitions?

Question 3:

At what point do Adults need to step down and let the younger generation “rise and shine”, or do they?

Thanks for the comments!  ClogOn!

ClogOn Interview: All That’s Mike Curtis Part 2

This is Part Two of a two part interview with Mike Curtis from All That! Read the first interview with Mike Curtis and let him know how much you appreciate what he’s doing for clogging by making a comment!

6. Where has clogging taken you?

Clogging has taken me to Japan, Canada, China, Germany, and more than 25 different states across the US! Also, our group ALL THAT! has been featured on several television shows including Dance Fever, Star Search, and most recently, runners up on season 1 of America’s Got Talent!

7. Why do you recommend clogging to EVERYONE?

It’s kept me out of trouble and in great shape!

8. Who has been the most influential clogger to you?

I would have to say Steve Smith from KY, Brent Montgomery from Ohio, and Jeff Driggs from WV. All three have played major parts in getting me to where I am today.

9. How can help promote clogging to the masses even more?

Try to keep in touch with some of the more recognized more traveled groups and individuals across the country. I’ll help in any way I can!

10. What do you think of traditional clogging vs. the new hip-hop/jazz type clogging?

Everything evolves. Clogging has evolved in its own right with the hip hop style being included. I don’t like seeing too much of the hip hop stuff being added in though. A little bit is cool but too much takes away from the dance that we all LOVE, and that’s Clogging! I’d like to see the footwork continue to be pushed to the limits and a nice accent of the hip hop be thrown in. That would ideal for me.

ClogOn: Thanks so much Mike. It was great to talk to you about clogging.

Mike: Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for ya Nate! Talk to you soon!

Mike Curtis

ClogOn Interview: Mike Curtis from All That – Part 1 recently had the chance to interview Mike Curtis from All That.  That’s right, the clogging power team that was on America’s Got Talent!


To help “keep clogging strong!” we love talking to people like Mike about the different dimensions of clog dancing: frequently asked questions, where clogging is headed, and why everyone should get involved in clogging.

Special thanks to Mike for taking time out of his busy schedule to interview with  This is Part 1 of a two part interview with Mike:

1. What’s the difference between clogging and tap?

Clogging uses the heel of your foot as much as the toe whereas tap dancing uses primarily the toe. Also, with clogging you hit the floor a lot harder than tapping which produces a lot louder sound.

2. Why should I get in to clogging, I’m already in tap, jazz and ballet?

Clogging is unique, tons of fun, a better cardio workout than most dances, and on the rise! It’s becoming very popular across the country!

3. What’s better, nail on or glue on taps?

Nail on taps are definitely better. Glue on are simply difficult to keep on the shoes, no matter how well they are put on.

4. What do you prefer, the split toe clogging shoe or the Mr. Stomper?

Neither. I prefer the Director’s cut shoe made by Carl’s Clogging Supplies in South Carolina. However, we are working with Capezio as we speak, designing a new clogging shoe that should be released soon. They will be the perfect shoe! (when they come out, ClogOn will definitely carry these clogging shoes!)

5. How long have you been clogging?

I’ve been clogging 18 years.

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All That on America’s Got Talent