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Video of The Fab Five Performance Last Night

Stay tune tonight for the results from America’s Got Talent. Go Fab Five Cloggers!

The Fab Five Clog On on Americas Got Talent

Hope you are all voting for The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent!

I thought they did another great job tonight and am so excited for them. I hope they win it all on America’s Got Talent!

I did get some feedback on Facebook and other places about the music selection and costumes. Some were for, some were against.

What do you think?

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A Bit of America’s Got Talent Controversy?

Also, what did you all think of the comment by Arcadian Broad?

If I could say something…I didn’t have this planned. I didn’t want to do High School Musical; the producers gave me this hand…

I thought it was really funny how the judges and Emcee tried to cover.

It’s up to America who stays on this show…


The acts do have a final say on what they do when they perform.

Is there any doubt that somehow poor Arcadia WON’T be coming back? Interesting is all I have to say about that 🙂

Vote for The Fab Five Tonight on America’s Got Talent

Special thanks to Jessica Alba for the following information:

TODAY TUESDAY SEPT 1 – WATCH FAB 5 ON AMERICAS GOT TALENT on NBC! (check local listings for time and channel)


Over 15 million people may watch the finals and The Fab 5 Sisters need your help!


  1. EMAIL: Get some NEW EMAIL ADDRESSES at or – the addresses are FREE and you can get as many as you want. You can then vote 10 times per email addresFs
  2. FRIENDS: CALL your friends or EMAIL them and remind them to watch the show
  3. TV: Watch the Semi-Finals this Tuesday September 1
  4. VOTE for the Cloggers – The Fab 5

There are multiple ways to Vote – All essentially Free from any additional cost

  1. CALL the number for Fab 5 – any and all cell phones or land line you can vote 10 TIMES PER LINE – just keep dialing the FAB 5 phone number you see on the TV or if you miss it go to for their phone number
  2. TEXT if you have AT&T – you can vote 10 TIMES PER PHONEDo these 2 Things first because you have only 2 hours after the show ends – then…
  3. CALL your friends and remind them to vote even if the 2 hours is over – tell them to go to the internet and vote
  4. Finally, Get on the INTERNET and VOTE at or go to this link and VOTE 10 Times PER EMAIL ADDRESS YOU HAVE 5 email addresses times 10 votes each = 50 votes

YOU CAN VOTE ON THE INTERNET for 8 HOURS (until 6am the next day)

PLEASE DO YOUR PART and help the COUNTRY see how great THE FAB 5 DANCERS are and getting them to the finals – Watch the results SHOW WED SEPT 2 to see if we did enough to get them through.

Please forward this blog post to every friend, dancer or family you know – email your dance students or you might give them a flyer.

Here’s the link:

Pass it on! Best of luck to The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent!