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ClogOn Fan Page Hits 1,500 Fans

Many of you have probably seen this already, but if you haven’t, here’s the great news!

The ClogOn Fan Page has 1,500 Fans!

Congratulations to

Slecna Zuzana Mervova

She is the winner of the 1st ClogOn Raffle. She’s picking from one of the following prizes:

  • Steven’s Stomper Clogging Taps
  • ClogOn Clogging Dance T-Shirt
  • Capezio Dance Bag

We plan to have at least two more ClogOn Giveaways within the next month or two.

Make sure you become a fan of ClogOn on Facebook so you can win won of the prizes too!*

Thanks for helping us “keep clogging strong!”

Nate Moller