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Clogs, Clogging Shoes, Clogging Dance Shoes, Clog Shoes – What do YOU call them?

buy clogging shoes onlineAs most of you know, we sell clogging shoes and taps and New ones, used ones, and even “scratched and dent” (do clogging shoes actually “dent”?)…

Anyway, I’ve been clogging for almost 30 years.

I’ve been to a lot of clogging events, competitions, and performances and have since then worked with lots of dance studios to get them cool clogging shoes and good prices.

The question has come up recently, however, about what people actually call their clogging shoes. We call them “clogging shoes” but have heard the following variations of the name:

What do you call clogging shoes?

  • Clogs
  • Clogging Dance Shoes
  • Clog Dance Shoes
  • Clog Shoes
  • Clog Dancing Shoes
  • Tap Shoes (please don’t pick this one since they are NOT the same)
  • Buck Shoes

We look forward to comments and feedback from our fellow cloggers all over the world. When you comment, make sure you tell us where you’re from so we get a better idea if the name people call their shoes is different based on area.