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Look Who is Starting Clogging…

Could this be true? Chloe Keifer of 24 is going to take up clogging.

Who do you know that is famous and clogs?

Maybe she’ll be doing a duo with some other famous star…

Okay, not really. (Well, maybe: No one tells us anything. Still, it seems doubtful, unless Kiefer is enslaved by an Appalachian clogging team.) But we decided to start that rumor after the Alice Roi show, at which we were seated near actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays 24’s nerd princess. Although she spruces up very nicely in real life — a pleasant departure from her sourpuss alter-ego — it seems Mary Lynn was inexplicably taken in by Roi’s choice of footwear: giant, shiny, patent-leather black or white clogs, worn with black knee socks.(By the way readers who don’t know what clogging is, these are NOT clogging shoes!)

The models all seemed about ten seconds away from tumbling right out of them, but when we swapped notes with her and her friend after the show, Mary Lynn confessed she was kind of enraptured by the hideous, clunky footwear. (Of which there was, sadly, more: In addition to the clogs, there were a lot of white golf shoes paired with black socks, a look that works best, in our opinion, if are 70 and living in Boca Raton.)

To this lapse of sanity, we say: Oh, Mary Lynn. You are quite adorable, but it takes a special someone to carry off four-inch patent-leather clogs, and that someone works at Madame Ovary’s Wang Palace and carries a wig-tape frequent-buyer card. There’s a reason stylist Phillip Bloch spent the entire show looking like he smelled something foul: Those shoes are heinous. You are better than that. — The Fug Girls


What Clogging Shoes Aren’t

This is a test to see what happens with used clogging shoes.

Clogging without Clogging Shoes?

How can people really do this? Clogging without clogging shoes…it just doesn’t make sense. The sound, the feel, the rhythm (of which these people seem to be a bit off on), just can’t be there without the rat-ta-tat-tat of the Steven’s Stomper Buck Taps or the Mid-South Clogging Shoes.