VIDEO: All That has a Competitor – ALL IT!

Thanks to Ginger Taylor for sharing this AWESOME clogging video of All That getting “one-up’d” by the up and coming “ALL IT”. Scotty Bilz, Chip Summey and Jeff Driggs share their 80’s style clogging technique with the famous All That clogging group!

What do you think of the 80’s style clogging versus the current clogging style of All That?

VIDEO: All That Clogging Group in the Wild Card of America’s Got Talent

Mike Curtis and All That Clogging Group did an AWESOME job last night on America’s Got Talent.

Check out the video of them “Clogging On!”

We’ll keep you posted and hope you all had a chance to vote.

INTERVIEW: All That Clogging Specialist Mike Curtis

If you haven’t heard, there’s a clogging group right now on America’s Got Talent and they are ROCKING IT!

All That just advanced to the wild card round of America’s Got Talent. We’re so excited for them and appreciate them representing contemporary clogging so well. had the chance to interview Mike Curtis from All That. To help “keep clogging strong!” we love talking to people like Mike about the different dimensions of clog dancing: frequently asked clogging questions, where clogging is headed, and why everyone should get involved in clogging.

Special thanks to Mike for taking time out of his busy schedule to interview with  This is Part 1 of a two part interview with Mike:

1. What’s the difference between clogging and tap?

Clogging uses the heel of your foot as much as the toe whereas tap dancing uses primarily the toe. Also, with clogging you hit the floor a lot harder than tapping which produces a lot louder sound.

2. Why should I get in to clogging, I’m already in tap, jazz and ballet?

Clogging is unique, tons of fun, a better cardio workout than most dances, and clogging is on the rise! It’s becoming very popular across the country!

3. What’s better, nail on or glue on taps?

Nail on taps are definitely better. Glue on are simply difficult to keep on the shoes, no matter how well they are put on.

4. What do you prefer, the split toe clogging shoe or the Mr. Stomper?

Neither. I prefer the Director’s cut shoe. We have been working with Capezio, designing a new clogging shoe that should be released soon. They will be the perfect shoe! (when they come out, ClogOn will definitely carry these clogging shoes!)

5. How long have you been clogging?

I’ve been clogging 18 years.

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VIDEO: All That on America’s Got Talent

Are You Ever “Too Old” to Clog?

We’ve talked with a lot of cloggers.

And our answer to the question, “Are you ever too old to clog?” is a definite NO WAY!

Check out this sweet heart working it in her clogging shoes:

For all of you out there that are in your “prime years”, we invite you to ClogOn!

The 7 Most Watched Clogging Dance Videos on Youtube

At, we’re always trying to find the best clogging has to offer – people that can really make music with their clogging shoes.

Leave a comment to let us know which of these clogging dance videos is YOUR favorite!

The 7 Most Watched Clogging Videos on Youtube

#1 Laura Bell Bundy – 5,714,795 Views

#1 starts at the 2:14 mark – has 5,714,795 views:

#2 Jessica Sauer – 1,911,133 Views

Jessica performs a dance to “Cotton-Eyed Joe” for the Miss Houston 2006 pageant, The Woodlands TX – 1,911,133 views:

#3 All That at America’s Got Talent (1st time) – 757,440 views

Our good friends All That take clogging to a whole new level on America’s Got Talent! – 757,440 views

#4 An oldie but a goodie! – 537,438 views.

(It had sharing turned off so here’s the link if you’d like to watch this clogging classic.

#5 Southern Belles Clogging Team- 432,643 views

The Southern Belles area always ripping it up! Check them out here at a clogging competition performing to Red Neck Girl.

#6 More Southern Belles at America’s Got Talent! – 366,842 views!

#7 A Clogging Demo – 176,306 views

This is a demo of contemporary clogging. There are other types of clogging, some more traditional, dancing to traditional bluegrass music. But this is the Line category of competition clogging. The teams in this video are The Southern Belles, Dynamic Edition, the Clogging Sensation and the UCDC Elite Stars. Thanks Michael Scrip! 176,306 views!

Which clogging video is your favorite and why?

Leave a comment below. If there are some we’ve missed, share those too!

Thanks and ClogOn!

Share Your Clogging Videos and WIN!

We’re just playing here but wanted to test out this cool free service for creating animated videos.

One of the goals we have as we start our eight year anniversary at is to USE MORE VIDEO. Clogging is all about showing the world what we can do as cloggers. And what better way to do that than via VIDEO!?

Stay tune for upcoming video contests – you could be the first winner of a pair of clogging shoes from!

Video of Bailey Mountain Cloggers 1997

Old School Clogging – Powerhouse

Wow is about all I can say about this amazing clogging routine. What are your thoughts?

Hip-Hop and Clogging – Do They Go Together?

Dyanmic Edition with a combo of Hip-Hop and Clogging! What do you think of the combo of Hip-Hop and Clogging Dance?

Here’s some more:

What are your thoughts about the combination of hip-hop and clogging?

Old School Clogging – Brian Bon & Gary Larsen

Gary Larsen & Brian Bon show their “Soul” as they clog together back in the day! Thanks for “keep clogging strong!”