Kristine Handy – Clogging Instructor in Burley Idaho

Kristine Handy

Burley, Idaho Clogging Instructor

Who is Kristine Handy?

Kristine Handy was born and raised in the small town of Burley, Idaho, a “suburb” of Boise (only 2 and ½ hours away:)). She began clogging and other international folk dances in 1974 as a collegiate member of the Brigham Young University International Folk Dance Ensemble. Here she was introduced to the traditional Appalachian clogging style, and her excitement for clogging grew and grew from there. Like most avid cloggers, after seeing clogging for the first time she couldn’t get enough.  Denis Cobia had a small children’s group which performed in and around the Provo, Utah area, and she loved watching the talents they shared. After over 30 years of involvement in clogging and other dance forms, her impression of clogging remains extremely positive: “It is a great alternative to the hip-grinding studio jazz teams.  It is a great outlet for guys.  The athletic coaches in our area encourage the team members to clog…[I] love the fact that is has American folk roots…Clogging has opened many doors in my life.  We’ve been able to perform in Branson, Missouri six summers and take teams to six international festivals around the world…Clogging has [been] met with great enthusiasm in our area.”

Where has clogging taken her?

After graduating from college, Kristine and her husband Clay Handy, who she met during her involvement in clogging, moved back to Burley, Idaho where they started their own studio.  Countless hours were spent teaching clogging; it became a “family activity” for many people in the area.  She directed many teams, including the Dynamic Dozen (1987-1997), a nationally famous team who competed and performed all over the world.  This team was “…a hardworking group of young people [who] consistently won at a competitive level.”  Kristine’s teams have taken her to places such as Silver Dollar City, Dollywood, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Missouri, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, and Taiwan.

Top Success in Clogging

After all of Kristine’s clog dancing success, she attributes her biggest success to her five dancing children.  Melissa Handy Morgan, Clayton Donald Handy, Lucas Gordon Handy, Hillary Hapi Handy, and Branson Kenneth Handy have all been actively involved in clogging, making clogging literally a “family activity” for a lifetime.

How to “Keep Clogging Strong”?

Kristine is constantly striving to “Keep Clogging Strong”.  She is “…always trying new things.  I figure any rhythmic expression works with clogging.  We’ve learned Irish, Hungarian Boot Dance, Steppin’, and our latest Pattin’ Juba.”  In order to Keep Clogging Strong for her young men dancers, Kristine understands that “boys have to feel comfortable about the dances and costumes.  You can’t demand [boys] to choose between sports and dance or you lose.”  The Dynamic Dozen has been one of her greatest testimonials:  it consisted of six boys and six girls.  Each boy on the team was extremely involved in high school athletics.  Kristine understood that in order to create a win/win situation for her young clogging teams, each member had to have specific goals in mind – a special trip, a big competition, or a spectacular show.  These goals were motivating factors to maintain team unity, excitement, and ultimately, fun and success on the clogging floor!!  She believes guest choreographers also help the students have a more rounded dance experience.

Clogging Advice?

When asked if there was one piece of advice Kristine Handy could give to the up and coming cloggers or even those who have been clogging for some time, she said, “Don’t let yourself get muddled down in the negative.  Stay positive with the kids.  Build great people as you build great dancers.  Be proud or your profession!”

Kristine Handy continues to “Keep Clogging Strong” in Burley, Idaho.  If you live in the Mini-Cassia area and would like to find out more about clog dancing opportunities, contact us at

Special thanks to Kristine for her time and the amazing impact she’s made on cloggers all over the world.  Keep Clogging Strong!


  1. Hi. I have a 4 year old daughter that recently saw young cloggers perform and would like to start lessons. I live in the Burley, Idaho area and would like to know where I can sign her up for classes.
    Thank you,
    Amy Hinojosa

  2. You can contact Shaundalee Morgan or Melissa Handy in Burley. The both teach at the same studio as Kristine and I know they have groups that young. These ladies are amazing and I am not only saying that because they are my sister-in-laws. Shaundalee is one of the fab-five on America’s Got Talent.

  3. Your daughter will love it. I took lessons from Christine, and her sister when I was young. I am now in my thirties and clogging remains a highlight of my life. The Handys are amazing people. They will not disappoint you when it comes to teaching your child.

  4. Brawn Baker says

    Kristine and Melissa are wonderful! I have danced with them for several years, and I love them both!

  5. Codi Knutson says

    Hi, I have 3 daughters ages 5,6, and 8 that I would like to put into one of your classes. Could you please give me a price quote and some info on how to get them started??