Looking for an up-and-coming band to promote clogging…

Hello again fellow cloggers. How’s the clogging community? www.ClogOn.com is looking for an up-and-coming folk band or bluegrass band that would like to get a ton of exposure in the clogging and aerobic community. We’re excited to take clogging to the next level and view creative clogging music as a way to do just that – keep clogging strong!

We’ve heard some of the best clogging music: Red-Haired Boy, Monroe’s Hornpipe, Jeremy’s Express, Cotton-Eyed Joe, but some of the names of the popular songs are not familiar to us. We also want to help a band promote their own new music, while at the same time promote clog dancing as well. We are putting together a program and want to work directly with a new bluegrass band who is creative, easy to work with, and understands the importance of quality clogging and folk dance music.

Contact us if you have any recommendations (info@clogon.com) or are someone that would like the opportunity to visit places like the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, and Orlando at the World Clogging Championships. We look forward to many comments…


  1. We really need your help: we need to find either a band that wants to grow and share their musical talent, or we need access to music that will not charge us high royalty fees. Where can you find access to these resources? If you have information please email us at info@clogon.com. We are seriously searching for an up-and-coming bluegrass band, or folk band, or preferably a band that wants to promote themselves and clogging to a national audience. Does anybody know of some we could contact? Thanks for the quick response. We need to get things started as soon as possible.

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