Welcome Welcome! Are there any cloggers out there?

Hey cloggers, are you out there? I’m an avid clogger and wonder what’s going on in the clogging community. ClogOn.com is a site I’ve been working on for a short time. Check it out and let me know if you have suggestions and ideas. Clog On!!


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  2. This is a great comment I received from a fellow clogger in LaCrosse, Wisconsin!!

    “Interestingly we were up in the Mpls. yesterday to see their local cloggers ‘Wild Goose Chase Cloggers’ performing with a group from England called ‘FireStone’-(both have web sites). They performed in an open park setting and their two hour performance was outstanding. They both have traditional Appalachian style clogging along with variations,… Wild Goose Chase Cloggers (3 hours away) wear single taps which we found interesting because that is what we wear, Rochester, MN groups (1 1/2 hour away) wear jingle taps. We have found double tap cloggers laugh at the single tap cloggers. We know 90% of the cloggers in the US have double/jingle taps, but we now know that in England they are wearing the single tap and clogging. FireStone explained that 25 years ago a clogging group from MN came and they were influenced by that group hence the single taps on their shoes. How may other cloggers in the US wear single taps??

    Thought you would find this interesting.


    What do others cloggers think about this?