Why Nate Moller Loves Clogging

Why do you love clogging?

Have you been clogging long?

What got you started?

Why are you still doing it?

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately as I talk with clients about starting an online business that they are passionate about.

ClogOn.com was my first online business. The business was formed in April of 2005 and has grown steadily since then. I attribute the success of this first online business venture to one main thing – I LOVE WHAT I’M PROMOTING – Clogging!

The question that keeps coming up is this:

Why do I have such a passion for clogging?

I’ve put together 5 answers that I’ll be talking about over the next few days or weeks. Here’s the first (they’re in no particular order):

  1. Initial Success: I started clogging when I was 6 years old. In speaking with my mother on why she got me involved in clogging, two reasons generally surface – a) I was a wild little boy b) she had a couple friends who’s kids were also in clogging. My first experience was ok – it was fun, there was lots of energy, but I wouldn’t say I was a natural; it mostly just kept me out of trouble.

    After about 3 or 4 months at one studio, my mom took me to another place where there were kids more my age. This was probably the main reason I’m still in clogging today. It was much more fun, there were other boys that I could goof around with, play football with after class, and it was something I started looking forward to each week.

    After not too long, a few of the mom’s and our clogging director, Kristine Handy, began to talk about forming a little team that could begin competing and performing around the community. Within a year, our little team of 4 boys and 4 girls was formed. (Eventually we became the Dynamic Dozen.)

    When I was 8 we went to our first “competition” at the Blackfoot Fair in Idaho. We danced to “Monroe’s Hornpipe” and “La Bamba” and ended up winning 2nd or 3rd place. No, we weren’t the Grand Champions, but I believe we all got little trophies or ribbons.  This initial success was a big key to helping me “rise and shine” as a clogger.

So how would you write an answer to this important question?

Why are you so passionate about clogging?

Stay tune for upcoming reasons Why Nate Moller Loves Clogging?

  • People always seemed excited to watch us perform
  • I formed life-long friendships because of clogging
  • Clogging took me places that sports never would have
  • It’s a great and creative form of exercise


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