25 Ways to Praise a Clogger

Accentuating the positive is crucial to success in any endeavour we pursue. At www.dictionary.com “optimism” is defined as: “a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.” Synonyms for optimism are confidence, hopefulness and cheerfulness. Optimisim more often than not leads to true accomplishment and maximum performance.

At www.ClogOn.com, we feel genuine positive feedback and praise are key to the progression of clogging. How many of us enjoy going to clogging class, only to hear our director or other fellow cloggers complain about anything and everything? Do any of us like to hang out with people who are always criticizing others? What about the clogging parent who always has a negative comment to make about the clogging directors’ decisions? Do any of us really enjoy being around that? Of course we don’t.

To assist all cloggers in overcoming or preventing these negative actions, www.ClogOn.com has come up with “25 Ways to Praise a Clogger”. We’re sure there are many more so let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

1. Way to clog!
2. Outstanding Clogging Job!
3. ClogOn!
4. I knew you could do it!
5. I’m really proud of you!
6. Nice Clogging!
7. Looking Good!
8. You’re a Fantastic Clogger!
9. Nothing can stop you now!
10. You’re a real clogging winner!
11. Remarkable Job!
12. Fantastic Clog Dancing!
13. Hip, Hip, Hurray!
14. Exceptional Clogging Performance.
15. You’re Exciting to watch!
16. You learned it perfectly!
17. What a great Clogger!
18. Outstanding clogging routine!
19. Way to “Rise and Shine!”
20. You’re a one of a kind clogger!
21. Great high knees!
22. Your sounds are so clear and strong!
23. What precision!
24. You make all cloggers better.
25. “Keep Clogging Strong!”

Thanks again for helping us “keep clogging strong!”