We have 4 main goals with the updated ClogOn.com:

  1. Handle exchanges in a more prompt manner.
  2. Work on sizing “predictions” so clients can get the right size the first time.
  3. Form even more of a community via “Featured Studios”, “Featured Directors”, “Featured Fellow Cloggers”, and encouraging “Clogging Community”.
  4. Help cloggers “keep clogging strong!” by offering promotions, discounts, and even affiliate opportunities for people who are as avid about clogging as we are.

If you have further suggestions, please share them here or message us via the Fan Page message section.

Thanks for helping us ClogOn!

ClogOn.com History

ClogOn.com was formed in 2004 by experienced Internet business owners and long-time clogging specialists. We feel that this combination of strengths provides you, the avid clogger, with the unparalleled opportunity to shop online securely along with the benefit of interacting with professional cloggers who aim to Keep Clogging Strong. ClogOn.com is dedicated to providing quality products and services to the fellow clogging market with a very user-friendly clogging website.

Our main focus is to Keep Clogging Strong as a cultural experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. We aim to educate other dance disciplines about the advantages of clogging, clogging history, and potential opportunities in the clogging world. Keeping cloggers up to date about what’s happening in the clog dancing community is a high priority.

ClogOn.com also strives to assist dance studios around the world in generating more business at their studios, competitions, workshops, conventions and recitals – Keep Clogging Strong! As a clogging family, staying actively involved in clogging, folk dance, percussive dance and related fields is extremely important to us. Our long term goal is to take clogging to the next level in the entertainment world. CLOG ON!!

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