Americas Got Talent: The Fab Five is Going to Hollywood

The Fab Five is Moving On!

They made it to Hollywood!

The Fab Five passed tonight and have made it to the Quarter Finals of America’s Got Talent.


Here’s what a few other sites have said about The Fab Five:

Next up is the Fab Five, a group of sisters from Utah ranging in age from 23 to 35. They also have four more sisters and seven brothers because their parents really, really want to get to Heaven. The Fab Five are Irish clog dancers and I’ll admit, they are quite good, though the screaming and the facial expressions are going to give me nightmares tonight. They’re like cheerleaders on cocaine. Hasselhoff jokes about everybody from Utah having the same smile. It’s because their magic underwear is so tight.


Wow, how fun was that to watch! Talk about a blast from the pastIm proud to say I got to compete and? be trained by some of these girls. They still got it!

What do you think about The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent?


  1. valerie Whitear says

    Iam sorry if someone believe’s that statement. Iam the Valerie and the Mom to all the FAB 5. I only had one other child and he is my only son. I have one husband and we raised the family on a family farm. So that stuff about, 4 other sister and 7 brother is false. They never did any irish dancing. However 4 out of the 5 were cheerleader in high school and one played a mean game of basketball, she even was able to put herself through college, playing ball. I do want to thank all of you that have been positive with what the girls have done. The negative has not been enjoyable. But we realize everyone has a right to think and act as they will. There is much more to these girls lives that has not come out as of yet. We are not at liberty to make any comments about the show at all. But I just wanted to clear up the part about all those kids. About going to Heaven I hope I can get there, as well as all of you. God bless you all .Have a great day The Fab 5 Whitear sisters, Mom

    • Valerie,

      Thanks for the GREAT COMMENT! It’s funny how people get things so out of wack! I danced with Cambria at Ricks College and grew up clogging. It’s so fun to see people excel at their talents. I’m excited for your daughters and am so glad they are representing all of us in clogging. I wish them the best and hope they go all the way.

      To me, it’s always good to see that there are some negative comments – it makes things more real and helps get the truth to be told. Thanks again for your comments and again, best of luck to you and your family!


  2. They did great tonight, congrats!

  3. your girls were awesome tonite!! i’m a big fan!! does your son clog too? if so, I think they should bring him in as a special feature on an act! My son (now 27) starting clogging at age 4 and finally stopped taking lessons at age 14, when he was the only boy in class.
    It used to thrill me to watch him at all the competitions. My favorite performance he did was to the song “LOCOMOTION”. Suggest that song to your girls …great beat and costume ideas.
    I know you are so proud of them…they are all beautiful, and after they showed the family photo tonight, I can see why… you and your husbands good looks. Congrats…hoping they’ll win…
    Susan in Virginia

  4. Sherlynn Cazimero says

    I am at awe watching them, I wonder if they’ll do Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation if they get through to the finals…I hope they do, I would love to see a vegas show with them and all their different routines.

  5. I know this family and what wonderful examples they all are! Great fun to watch them compete and even after watching them perform over the years, I am still amazed at their skills! Just watch their feet and the precision they exhibit. That is SO HARD TO DO!! The show this season has so much talent. I’m certainly pulling for them to win, but even if they don’t, they have made all of their family, friends & fans PROUD!!

  6. Wow! What a great bit of evidence that incredible talent comes from anywhere. Hello to the West! Thank you so much to these girls and their family for showcasing some real gifts and being downright awesome! Inspiring for me really. Work and family are so important, but we can all still do a little better at changing the world with those God given talents. Amazing how far down people have to delve to try and find some dirt on them. Thanks for being proud of who you are, never give it up. It makes me want to go learn how to clog. Keep being amazing and good luck!

  7. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    I felt an energy bolt start from my toes and go all the way up my spine watching these ladies!

    The Sean Kingston 911 routine was out of this world!

    Who would have thought that clogging could be so darn exciting!

    I can tell you one thing…you guys are going to be getting some phone calls from entertainment big wigs.

    You guys are en fuego!

    Best of luck to you.


    P.S. You go Mom!!!

  8. I love the Fab 5. They are so beautiful and talented! Their parent must be so proud of them. They are what America is all about. I’m looking forward to seeing them in Las Vegas!

  9. Jeff Wangsgard says

    Valerie and Family,

    I hope you dont pay any attention to the sub zero’s that think they are witty about your family. We all know what a good bunch of girls you have and have been excited to follow this little adventure with you. All the best

    Jeff and Deb.