Clogging without Clogging Shoes?

How can people really do this? Clogging without clogging shoes…it just doesn’t make sense. The sound, the feel, the rhythm (of which these people seem to be a bit off on), just can’t be there without the rat-ta-tat-tat of the Steven’s Stomper Buck Taps or the Mid-South Clogging Shoes.


  1. I clog in sneakers all the time and there are times when my sound is just as loud as some of the people wearing Steven’s Stompers. Videos are famous for not showing the rhythm in time with the music, it’s all about the speed of light vs. the speed of sound and the location of the camera. As far as the feel, I feel every double toe done correctly, and every one done incorrectly.

    I dance pretty hard, so I need the additional support I get from sneakers. But when it comes to getting down to business, I gotta have my taps on.