Featured Clogging Director: Hailey Renae Everton

With the update to the new and improved site, one of our goals is to feature more cloggers on a consistent basis. Not only do we feel that featuring cloggers will help us all “ClogOn!”, but it’s also a great way for directors to let cloggers all over the world know who they are, what they do for clogging, and hopefully give them some increased traffic to their website and/or studio.

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1. How long have you been clogging?

13 years

2. Who is responsible for getting you started in clogging?

My mother: I wanted to Irish Dance but there was only clogging where I lived at the time. I fell in love instantly and knew I could do it!

3. What states and countries have you clogged in?

I learned to clog with the Rocky Top Cloggers in Twin Falls, Idaho and danced with them for 12 years. We danced/competed in competitions in Idaho, Utah, California and Arizona. I attended National Convention 2003 in Las Vegas as well. I was the 2009 America Onstage MVP Acapella Champion. RTC Director, Shannon Edwards, put together the Idaho Percussive Festival in November 2009 which featured cloggers from around Idaho. She asked Gary Larsen, Gina Underwood, and myself to teach a workshop for the Idaho cloggers. We performed with the students in an evening show for the public.

I danced with Clog America out of Salt Lake City from 2005-2009. I performed/participated in humanitarian projects/traveled with them to Brazil, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Sardinia, Austria and Germany. Austria was the only country we didn’t perform in when I was with them.

I’ve been dancing with Brian Bon’s Powerhouse Percussive Dance since August 2009. I did the following tours/conventions:

2009 and 2010 Bakersfield, CA
*2009 Montana Fair Convention*
2010 Port St. Lucie, FL
2010 Alameda, CA
2010 Ventura, CA
2010 Pomona (LA County Fair), CA
2010 Cedarville, CA
2010 Sidney, MT
2010 Bozeman, MT
2010 Steamboat Springs, CO

4. When did you become a dance studio owner?

I co-Directed the Rocky Top Cloggers for several years before moving to Portland, OR. Now I dance recreational with Mike McDow’s group the Carousel Cloggers in Tigard as with as a little group of ladies in Hillsboro who call themselves the Quantama Cloggers. I am trying to put together my own group of advanced cloggers and have slowly been introduced to more cloggers interested in dancing with me. Slowly, but surely it will come together [:)] I still choreograph for students in Idaho and help teach when I travel back to my hometown.

Special thanks to Hailey for her time. Stay tune for the 2nd half of her interview with ClogOn.com coming up next week at this same time.


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