Go All That – keep clogging strong!

Modern Clogging at it’s best…

Great Job “All That“- taking clogging to a new level!
From Mike Curtis on All That:

“What up y’all!! This is Mike From ALL THAT! First of all I’d like to say thanks to everyone for all the support that you guys have given us while we’ve been doing this whole America’s Got Talent thing! The emails and messages that we’ve gotten have been overwhelming and we appreciate it more than you can imagine! It’s nice to know that all the cloggers are proud of us because that’s who we’re doing all this for anyway! But I just want to let everyone know that we may not be as out of it as the tv led you to believe!! Ha ha!! Ya never know when we might show back up, wink wink!! So keep watching and keep supporting us because you guys help get us through!! Once again, thanks for the support and we’ll see ya soon!!”


  1. I really enjoyed watching All That on America’s Got Talent and voted for them. Even though the show is over, I want to learn more about the group. You guys really need a web page. Things I would like to know is all your names and where you guys will be appearing next. Oh yeah and pictures, lots of pictures.

  2. Anonymous says

    I agree – All That DO need a website – I was well impressed with them in the “America’s Got Talent” show and was very disappointed then never won. Well done lads – you did good!! A Brit fan…