Hip-Hop and Clogging – Do They Go Together?

Dyanmic Edition with a combo of Hip-Hop and Clogging! What do you think of the combo of Hip-Hop and Clogging Dance?

Here’s some more:

What are your thoughts about the combination of hip-hop and clogging?


  1. I think its great. Whatever it takes to keep clogging evolving!

  2. Well, i’ve been clogging since i was three year’s old. 🙂 and i like hiphop too, so i think it is awesome. i think it goes together well if you are very clean, just like dynamic edition. 🙂 ha.

  3. I think it definitely goes together. Cloggers have been dancing to hip hop music for a very long time now. If we want clogging to continue to attrack young dancers, we definitely will need to appeal to them thru the music they listen to.

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    Let me know what you think?

    In case you don’t remember the group they are Extreme Dance FX that were on AGT season 3.