INTERVIEW: Mike Curtis from All That Clogging Group – Part 2

All That clogging group is on America’s Got Talent and representing contemporary clogging PERFECTLY!

We had the chance to interview the leader of their team, Mike Curtis. This is Part Two of our interview with Mike Curtis from All That!

Read the first interview with Mike and let him know how much you appreciate what he’s doing for clogging by making a comment!

6. Where has clogging taken you?

Clogging has taken me to Japan, Canada, China, Germany, and more than 25 different states across the US! Also, our group ALL THAT! has been featured on several television shows including Dance Fever, Star Search, and most recently, runners up on season 1 of America’s Got Talent!

7. Why do you recommend clogging to EVERYONE?

It’s kept me out of trouble and in great shape!

8. Who has been the most influential clogger to you?

I would have to say Steve Smith from KY, Brent Montgomery from Ohio, and Jeff Driggs from WV. All three have played major parts in getting me to where I am today.

9. How can help promote clogging to the masses even more?

Try to keep in touch with some of the more recognized more traveled groups and individuals across the country. I’ll help in any way I can!

10. What do you think of traditional clogging vs. the new hip-hop/jazz type clogging?

Everything evolves. Clogging has evolved in its own right with the hip hop style being included. I don’t like seeing too much of the hip hop stuff being added in though. A little bit is cool but too much takes away from the dance that we all LOVE, and that’s Clogging! I’d like to see the footwork continue to be pushed to the limits and a nice accent of the hip hop be thrown in. That would ideal for me.

ClogOn: Thanks so much Mike. It was great to talk to you about clogging.

Mike: Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for ya Nate! Talk to you soon!

Mike Curtis


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    Hi I just found this site and it’s awesome. Loved the video
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    for myself. I was only doing research for my Dansko clogs blog and i’m really glad I found this site.



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