One way we can “take clogging to the next level…”

Promoting clogging should be something we think about often – what can I do to promote clogging today? How can I increase my clogging awareness and productivity? Listed below are a few simple suggestions that we might use.

Look to the Future of Clogging – focus on the benefits of progression in clogging. Think about the consequences of putting it off – it will only hold all cloggers back. By promoting clogging frequently, you will avoid the discouragement of having other things get in the way. Try to think of how you feel when you complete goals – you are able to enjoy the experience and see the fruit of your labor. Think about where you want to arrive with clogging. Are you the next Sherry Glass? Do you want to instruct with the likes of Jeff Driggs? Is All That a team you look up to? These goals have to be kept in mind to avoid procrastination of promoting clog dance.

Do it Now – do not wait. Alot of your personal clogging skill development is up to you. As you develop your own clogging skills and share them with others, one thing will lead to another.

Accept the Best That You Can Do – no one is perfect. When performing clogging routines, do not wait until you are perfect in every way. Clog the best that you can, share your talents, and then move on. Accept that you will occasionally make a mistake, but know that every time you perform, people are watching. You never know what effect you’ll have on them. The best you can do is all that can be asked of you. The best cloggers understand this and rise to the occasion. They “keep clogging strong!”

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  1. Yeeee-HAW! Great responses! There were some surprising responses, some interesting comments, and definitely reason to be concerned. The title “Clogging’s Back is against the wall…” was mainly to catch attention and that it did! I definitley feel so much is being done to promote clogging – that’s why we are all posting comments. As many of the comments prove, however, there is much more we can do to take “real” clogging to the next level in the entertainment industry.

    I also agree about the teams that aren’t true cloggers at all that are trying to make a quick buck teaching something they know nothing about. That is where we can make a strong influence – promoting the real deal! I’ve recently been to a couple jazz/ballet competitions where they had a small clogging section. IT WAS AWFUL!!! The clogging was more like a tap/irish combo and the music was so out of control that I cringed at the site of it. It made me think, “How can all these dancers ever be enthused to learn the REAL WAY to CLOG when they see this?!”

    I’ve clogged since I was 6 years old and been on 2 college folk and clogging teams. My main motivation for wanting to promote clogging is because I feel it is a hidden treasure that many dance enthusiasts don’t understand. These dancers have never seen the real deal at places like Silver Dollar City or Dollywood. They’ve never seen teams like the former Leather and Lace from NC. They have no idea the power and precision that clogging can bring to the table.

    When I got married to my best friend from Wisconsin, she and her family really had no idea what clogging was. She had grown up in tap, jazz and ballet, but CLOGGING – whatever! Since then I’ve converted their whole family to the clogging ideas (I clogged at our reception in front of a very captive audience!) I know, however, that there is always MORE we can do to “keep clogging strong!” If we want to eliminate the “crapastic clogging” we need to take ownership and help these teams out. How? I’m not EXACTLY sure but the motivation and enthusiasm is definitely there for a lot of us, as I’ve read from clogger’s above. I believe sites like, and are all great sources for information and promotion.

    Thanks for the comments! Although we don’t all have to agree, I really feel it helps to propose questions and ideas that can help us all progress and take clogging to a new, more mainstream level.


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