Survey: Clogging Shoes Review – Split-Toe vs Stomper

Are you looking for quality clogging shoes?

Do you wonder what style is best for your clogging foot? has been in the clogging industry for over 25 years. We’ve used and tested many different styles of clog dancing shoes. Recently we’ve been doing research with cloggers from all over the world and here are some of the things we’ve found out:

Split Toe Clogging Shoes vs. Stompers Clogging Shoes


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Clogging without Clogging Shoes?

How can people really do this? Clogging without clogging shoes…it just doesn’t make sense. The sound, the feel, the rhythm (of which these people seem to be a bit off on), just can’t be there without the rat-ta-tat-tat of the Steven’s Stomper Buck Taps or the Mid-South Clogging Shoes.