The Air Clogging Shoes Response

As some of you probably saw, on Monday, April 1st, 2013 ClogOn announced a break through product – the Air Clogging Shoes!


We’re now confessing: you’ve all been “punked” – we played an “evil, evil” clogging joke on April Fools Day.

We honestly did it all in good fun and hope we didn’t get anyone’s hopes up too much (although these clogging shoes are something worth considering if the demand is really there).

Here are some of the responses we got from the clogging community:

I want these air clogs as soon as they are available!!!  Totally stoked! Yes clogging does hurt ankles if I clog too long, & b/c I was in a horrific auto wreck 2 yrs back – clogging sets off my nerve pain in my head horribly if I clog too long – this would be the answer to my prayer – I LOVE 2 CLOG!!!

And this:

I can hardly wait for them to be available – yippie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this:

I’m guessing this is just a photo shop mock up type of thing, so people get the idea? Because I’m not jiving on the look at all. But if it’s just a mock up, I’ll keep my mind open, LOL…

And this:

…do they light up as well? Looks like lights are in the soles.

And more:

Wow. I might have to buy another pair!

But wait, there’s more:

I use to wear air or jelled inserts in my shoes because the constant stomping was killing my knees. The inserts took the shock off my knees. they really helped.

Only a couple more:

Do they help you clog better & have more “spring” in your clogging!

Some people really wondered:

Wait…..are they real then?

April Fool’s ?

Some doubted:

Wonder how these shoes are supposed to be better?


And some just out-right called us on it:

I’m calling April Fools.

April Fools, who would wear these, not me

But at the end of the day, here are the stats from our April Fool’s clogging shoes joke.

The April Fools Day Results

  • Facebook Fan Page Views: 5,616 people reached
  • Facebook Fan Page Likes: 105 (including likes of comments)
  • Facebook Fan Page Shares: 39
  • Facebook Fan Page Comments: 17
  • Direct inquiries via email or chat from potential buyers: 2

Thanks to all of you for the interaction and Happy April!


  1. Heather Vaughan says

    I would love these shoes! Before I came to your web site and saw that they were a
    April Fools joke, I had seen them on your facebook page. I had talked to my team
    about getting some! I think they would be a great idea… If you are still considering
    developing these shoes, please let me know. Only one question would be… Could
    they come in other colors too?
    Please let me know if things ever change and you make these!!

    Thank you
    Heather Vaughan
    VP Tommyknocker Cloggers
    Grass Valley, Ca