The Fab Five Advances – Finals Here We Come?

A HUGE Congratulations to all the participants in America’s Got Talent 2009.  Great work to all of the contestants.

We at are especially excited for The Fab Five cloggers from Utah!  Thanks for representing clogging on a global scale.

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As we watched the semi-finals tonight we really think it will be between two groups – The Fab Five and Paradizo Dance.

Here’s why:

The Texas Tenors

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Yeah, they’re from the country, they have pretty good voices, and could fit in to the Vegas limelight (if you like that kind of music), BUT they were pretty corny in their last performance.

Tony and Rory

Unique, creative, and all that but is a “dog and pony show” really all America has to offer?  The grassy city park is a great place to show off your skills 🙂

Voices of Glory

I’m not a singer, never have been, never will be – HOWEVER, I would say this groups good looks is about ALL that got them in the semi-finals.  I was impressed that the oldest singer admitted they were off at the first of their song, but I wasn’t really sure they ever got back “on”.  Nice kids but not the best America has to offer – at least not this time.

Paradizo Dance

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Not only do they seem to be really passionate about what they are doing, but they are pretty good at it.  To me, they seem to be a great fit for the “Vegas Limelight”.  My only question about them is what do they have in their bag of dancing tricks…

The Fab Five

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Yes, I’ll admit that I’m biased as a fellow Idaho and Utah clogger, but I’ve grown up with these girls.  I’ve competed with them and against them at the nationals of the west; I’ve seen many of their “dancing skills” and know they got a lot more they can bring to the table.  I was really impressed with the music selection, the costumes, and the special effects – thought all of this brought a great overall performance, even to people who have no idea what clogging is.  I truly think, all bias aside, that The Fab Five have the best overall shot to win it all on America’s Got Talent!

Stay tune for more information.

We’d love to hear your reasoning on who you think should get to the next level and ultimately win it all…


  1. cloggermomdixie says

    Well I am a little biased too. Two of these wonderful ladies teach my children clogging. I didn’t think anyone on the show last night had anywhere near the talent or abilities of the fab 5. They stepped it up to the next level and the other acts didn’t seem near as good as their auditions with the exception of paradizio dance. So I am holding out that our girls should win this whole thing and I can’t wait to see what they do next!!!

  2. Does anyone know the name of the song they danced to last Tue nite? FWIW I thought they were fantastic and I’m hoping they win!


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