The Fab Five on Americas Got Talent Today!

Attention Cloggers, Attention Cloggers!

The Fab Five Clogging Team will be on America’s Got Talent Today, July 28th, 2009.

Check your local listings for details.

Let all cloggers join together to cheer this great clogging team on!

Special thanks to Trevor Dewitt from for the update.

Pass this information on to all your clogging friends and SHOW YOUR CLOGGING SUPPORT!


  1. GO FAB FIVE………….

    • GO FAB FIVE………….

      I just realized that I posted to the wrong page…… FAB five was wonderful! And what an inspiration for the older dancer.

  2. Lois Bridges says

    Good luck girls…..the whole clogging world is rooting for you and very, very proud of the representation you give to our clogging world.

    • Thanks Lois! I hope ALL CLOGGERS EVERYWHERE want them to win it all!

      To me, there isn’t a better way to promote clogging than on National Television!

  3. Go Fab Five! Love to see cloggers kick some butt in these competitions!!!

  4. Fab 5 are amazing!!!!!