The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent!

I just turned on the TV and boom, there they were – the “Fab Five” from Utah, Idaho, etc.

That’s right, the Whitear girls were on America’s Got Talent…And they’re headed to VEGAS!

It’s so exciting to see clogging going GLOBAL!  I think people are shocked at how fun and “modern” clogging really is.

What do you think, will The Fab Five go as far as All That on America’s Got Talent?

Here’s what one had to say about their performance:

The Fab Five (Clogging Group): First I can’t imagine coming up with a more overused and bland group name. They are pretty good cloggers though but at this point I am kind of sick and tired of clogging. I personally have seen enough clogging and can’t seen an act bring anything new to the table. None of the prior acts could some close to winning so I don’t think this year will be any different. Unless you are phenomenal you have no chance at winning. The Fab Five wasn’t phenomenal in my opinion. They deserve to move on but I don’t think they have much lasting potential.  B    Moved On


UPDATE! Here’s the link to a GREAT VIDEO of The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent:

(Video) The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent!


  1. Dark Radiance says

    I didn’t like their performance at all! They weren’t with the beat most of the time, there were really big flubs/mistakes that were caught on camera and were edited in. It just looked really really fake! Not bad for “housewifes” (as they put it) but I don’t think they aren’t going to go very far. They don’t have any pizazz like “All That” and there isn’t really anything that spectacular about them that makes them stand out from a crowd.

    • I’ll be really interested to see the replay as I must have missed all those “flubs/mistakes” that were “edited in”. Thanks for the comment.

      What I have seen is that it’s one thing to see girls dance really well; it’s a totally different experience to see guys dance, especially if they are good like All That.

      Interested for feedback from other readers…

    • Clogger From Pocatello ID says

      I have been clogging for over 15 years of my life and I have even Taken Clogging from LaChere Vawdrey (The Oldest of the group) she has a studio in town, and everyone I know HATES her after they take from her. They say that she is a BITCH, and she makes her little dancers dress like sluts….Don’t know about you but I would never let my little girl dress like a slut!!!!! LaChere should know better then to do that she is apparently a “mormon” but i guess she is a Mormon with no values!!!! NEVER TAKE FROM HERE!!!!

      The FAB 5 are all stuck up [edited]…but thats just my thoughts!

    • I have no idea what show you watched! THEY were wonderful. It’s about time we saw some down to earth people with great talent and showmanship!!!!

  2. I was so excited to see the Fab Five on American’s Got Talent!! I thought that they did great! It was a fun upbeat dance that was fun to watch, and they were all together and had great technique and showmanship!! They did all us cloggers proud!

    • I agree, they’re technique and showmanship has always been top notch. I’ve see these sisters clog since I was 8 years old and they continue to impress with their energy and stage presence.

      Thanks for the comment! Pass this post on to your clogging friends. Would love to hear others feedback.

      Video coming soon!

  3. Dark Radiance, you are being WAY too harsh!!! They had oodles of PIZAZZ and ROCKED the stage, audience AND judges!!!! I thought they were AMAZING!!! And they weren’t to the beat??? It’s the way they cut the clip! FAB FIVE ROCK!

    • Thanks for the great comment Megan. I tend to take your side on this one. I didn’t see the Fab Five “off beat” or “lacking pizazz”. I guess we’ll see what kind of response they get as they move on to the next round.

      Anyone know when they’ll be performing in Vegas?

  4. Oh and..they are all from different states??..i wonder how they practice?

    • I know Cambria lives in Utah. Shandalee lives in Idaho. LaChere lives in Idaho. Where do Veva and Arian live?

  5. Veva lives in Texas.. and Ayrion lives in Utah too!! so I guess they don’t all live in different states!!!

    • Um…if you knew them at all you would know that Veva lives in Arizona!! Mabey they all get together and practice, then vedio their dances and then practice on their own!!! Just a thought…some people are so dumb!

      • To even say “Some people are so dumb” basically means Don’t mind me, my intelligence is low. But hey who cares. The “Fab 5” were exactly what they proclaimed to be “Fabulous” and 5. It’s a Show, It is entertainment, and if you have to “nit pick” Every Tiny thing. go criticize the Soap Opera’s on TV today. They need it a lot more than 5 Housewives showing America that they got Talent.

        It’s easy to sit back and criticize when it isn’t you out there isn’t it.

  6. love2clog says

    I thought they did okay. Not their best. I have seen them clog for 15 years and they didn’t perform up to their potential last night. And housewives, baloney. At least two of them teach clogging for a living. And, every year we get to see them compete at America OnStage Nationals against younger kids and then jump around and cry tears of joy when they beat them. Makes me want to puke. But, I do think that America’s Got Talent should be where they are performing – not against kids at local competitions. I hope they can step it up and show the country that clogging is awesome.

    • @love2clog – thanks for the comment! I’ve been to those competitions too 🙂 I do think its kind of funny to still see some of the “adults” competiting with the kids they teach. Not that I don’t think adults should compete or still clog, I mean this is ClogOn 🙂 BUT, I agree that places like America’s Got Talent are the “next level” for cloggers of The Fab Five’s caliber.

      Thanks to The Fab Five, All That, and Dynamic Edition for taking clogging mainstream on TV! Good luck to The Fab Five – represent cloggers well!

    • Wow! these oppinions are some strong ones. Have you ever told them that. The part about dancing at competitions against other kids. That’s why there’s a pro division and if you sign up for it then know you’re going against the best, so you better be the best. I know when I danced in pro, I wanted to compete against the best there was, so that if I won I knew it was for real. After you’ve danced that long you better be able to take it or don’t come. I love each and everyone of those girls. They are all current teachers but one and I really hope they win. We love you ladies, Good Luck!

      • @Lindsay GREAT COMMENT! I’m glad people like you clear things up about how the competitions currently work. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the competition stage.

        I too hope they go all the way and represent clogging well! Thanks for the comment!

    • Why aren’t we all commenting with our real names?

  7. Ayrion lives in UT right now. For some reason, I’m thinking Veva lives in AZ. You’d think I’d know better, since they’re my cousins . . . . Clog on, I say! Show the world was alums of Steele Family and Hee-Haw can do!

    • @Cousin Thanks for the update! Shandalee married Roger Morgan from Burley, Idaho. I clogged with Roger and his brother and sister growing up. It’s a small world. I was also partners with Cambria at Ricks College in 99-2000. Thanks for the comments! ClogOn!

  8. To those of you that are dissing the fab five and saying they weren’t good, think again! You guys must not be cloggers because you have no idea what you are talking about. I would like to see you guys clog better than them. And duh everyone makes mistakes I am pretty sure anyone would no matter how good or amazing they are. Dont diss unless you can do better! Hope to see you soon on America’s Got Talent you better be better than them or I would suggest not dissing them.

    • @Ada – great comment! Thanks! I can tell you’re passionate about clogging. Please spread the word about The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent and let all your clogging friends know about!

      Thanks again!

  9. FAB FIVE FAN says

    OK really you guys who are dissing on the fab five you have no idea how amazing these girls really are, and love2clog you are just retarded really. I have also been to watch them compete and the people they are against are around their age, and if they aren’t then they must really tall mature kids. These girls are so awesome!! I hope they go all the way they!!! It was so cool to watch these ordinary girls who, other than being all gorgious, they are all equally talented. They deserve the spotlight! I love ya Whitear sisters you are such an inspiration to me. Oh and that baby ws just beautiful… girls you did well!!!!!

    • @Fab Five Fan – thanks for the comment! I agree, the adults do compete against one another initially but don’t they all get thrown in the hopper for Overall Awards?

      I’m definitely a Fab Five Fan too and hope they dominate the competition and make believers out of some of the people out there who “diss” on clogging!


  10. loving it says

    Veva is in Arizona!!!

  11. Scherrie says

    I thought they did great!
    And it takes a clogger to catch a missed step.
    If you have years of clogging experience you will know how to cover up a boo boo…
    And the audience will never know. Unless you totally fall on your face or have a blank moment…LOL
    I hope they go far……………Go girls, you did great!

    • @Scherrie I agree that the “missed step” that others have pointed out is only noticeable by those that know what clogging is. These girls were moving so fast, with so much energy, that most wouldn’t notice at all!

      I hope they WIN THE WHOLE THING! 🙂

  12. Jennifer says

    Hey all did anyone check out how slick that stage looked? I wonder if the one little blunder isn’t due to a slick stage, great cover up for that one. Clogging on a slick stage is tough!! I think the Fab Five are amazing, can’t wait to see what they do next! CLOG ON!

    • @Jennifer – it looked REALLY SLICK (see this video – When I was 10 years old, my duet partner and I were clogging on a super slick shopping mall floor, I slipped and broke my knee… That’s how hard it is to clog on a slick stage. Hopefully they don’t have to deal with that moving forward.

      Let’s get everyone cheering for The Fab Five! Pass this on and let all your clogging friends know when the next TV appearance will be!

    • I agree. I talked to Cambria and she said it was like dancing on ice. So to anyone that wants to diss on these girls I would like to see you go and clog your hearts out on ice. THEY ARE THE BEST!

  13. bumblebee says

    If you are going to get upset with the Whitears for still dancing and competing then you better get upset with Misti, Jenny Powers, Bethany Smith, Tuckers, and all the other great instructors that are dancing with their teams and competing on an individual level as well. Dance is something to be loved and enjoyed. Yes there is heartache when you dance, is there not with every other sport? If you don’t agree with older people clogging then tell that to the basketball, baseball, football, basically all of the sports world that they are unfair as well. Do you know how many times those Whitear girls have lost? More than you think. And do you know what sets them apart from most everyone else… is because they FIGHT. They fight to be good dancers. They practice hard and perform hard and it shows. You say you have watched them clog for 15 years and you sit there bashing? Why don’t you take the higher road for once and revel in others talents and hard work? People like you with your pointing fingers and negativity is what has caused so much cynicism and cattiness in the clogging world. Step up and join the rest of us who cheer each other on. We would love to have you by our side… for once.

    Fab Five dancing was strong and just awesome. Their posture was great. The energy was high. They are incredible people with amazing dedication and talent. They will go far in this competition. Rock on girls!

    • @bumblebee GREAT COMMENT! Now that’s passion for what you do!

      I, for one, completely support what the Whitears, Misty, Jenny, Bethany, the Tuckers, Scotty Bilz and whoever else is doing for clogging. I haven’t been to a local or national competition lately so I’m not sure how things are set up at this point. If the adults compete at their own level and don’t take the lime-light from the kids, that’s AWESOME. Again, I don’t know how it all works currently.

      I know Cambria, LaChere, and the sisters and have danced with them at the college level. I’m so excited that they are representing what clogging can become and what clogging is.

      Thanks for your comments. You’re definitely someone would LOVE to interview to help us “Keep Clogging Strong!”

      • I use to live in Morgan and tried all night to figure out who these girls were. I guess I should have come to this sight earlier. I now live in Vegas and hope to see them here preforming live onstage.

    • amen bumblebee!!!!

  14. loving it says

    Great statement bumblebee!!!! you Rock 🙂

  15. FAB FIVE FAN says

    bumblebee you are so right the Whitear sisters are amazing people I only wish to be like them. I am proud to say I am related to them!!

  16. love2clog says

    I never said I don’t support their dancing. I support all of those you have mentioned. I think it is completely appropriate for them to dance and compete against others at their level and their age. However, I do think it is wrong for them to compete against young dancer (and yes they do — I was at nationals and watched 2 of them compete a duet against much much younger kids — like 8 year olds). I think a venue needs to be created for them to compete against one another and not against young kids. I do think they are great and I love to watch them – when they are just performing or competing against others their age!

    • clogrpam says

      If they competed against younger girls, it was because the COMPETITION put them there, not themselves. The competition director sets the rules and the age categories, they can’t help where they land when the ages are averaged as in most competitions. I am sure they don’t thrive on competing against the kids. I have known this family for almost 20 years and know them much better than that.

  17. Jennifer says

    love2clog, funny thing in the finals they put the highest scores of all levels and that is why they compete against younger kids actually those younger dancers were amazing to get a high enough score to compete in the overalls, you have to be good to be on that level, funny thing, it was one of the fab five’s neices that was the duet that they were competing against. The two aunts thought the little ones had it in the bag, if you can compete against the best and win, you are the best, doesn’t matter the age, they only compete against different ages in the finals, same with sports, would you tell Tiger Woods to quit now so that someone younger has a chance to win, or tell the pro basketball players to retire so someone else can play? I don’t think so age doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things

    • yeah really love2dance you should stop commenting you are making your self sound really stupid!!! If you know how the competition works you would understand why they danced against the little girls!! get a life (not a clogging one please!!)

  18. Good Luck LOU!!! We are rooting for you!!!! Your home town! and Dance studio!!!!
    Good Luck!! We love you Girls!!

  19. I just watched the Fab Five and thought they were amazing.
    I’ve never seen cloggers and now I’m hooked.

    You have to be really dedicated to be that good. It’s incredible that all 5 of them still love clogging and competing.

    Someone said this wasn’t a very good dance routine for the Fab Five; that they are much better than what they showed on AGT.

    My thoughts are: Perhaps they’re going to pull out their very best in Vegas? I can’t wait to see more!

    Clog On!

  20. They’re good and professional and that’s all there is to it. A clogger on their level would not argue with that; they are some of the best! And that stage looked horribly slick! I was nervous the whole time watching them on that stage. Good job girls! I hope they go all the way! Love to see cloggers in the national spotlight.

  21. mikkey moo says

    they did awesome!! i have clogged with cambria and aryion on firetap for quite a while now!!! they are amazing people!! and love2clog you are rediculous!! they deserve the spotlight and im pretty sure they can out clog you anytime!!!! i have lived right across the street from these girls and they are practically my sisters and i have seen how hard they work and practiced for this when they get together!! AND living in 3 different states thats hard to do! i LOVE them!! good luck CAM, ARYION, VEVA, LOU LOU, and LACHERE!!! AND YOU AINT SEEN NOTHIN YET!!!!!

  22. luv2clog, You need to get your facts straight. The only reason why they dance with younger kids is because they were dancing with a their daughters. That is pretty neat that they are able to do that. And there are other great cloggers that do the same thing. We love to dance and everyone should be able to enjoy dancing with their family no matter how young or old. They are awesome. Lovy you Whitear Girls!!!!!

    • @hhillc thanks for the clarification. I’ve been away from the competition scene for a bit and wasn’t sure exactly. I agree, dancing (especially clogging) is one of the best family activities.

      Talk soon!

    • clogginglady says

      No they weren’t dancing with the kids — they were against them. yes it was the finals — but why monopolize things. There are less and less people competing for the finals because they realize they don’t’ stand a chance against all the directors who are trying for all american and mvp. If they really love clogging, which I am sure they do, they are actually hurting it. More and more kids are getting discouraged and giving up. I think clogging overall is really suffering because the adults don’t have a venue to compete that doesn’t take away from the kids.

  23. Jeremiah says

    Wow, its great to see them all dancing together as a fam and they look way too young to be moms!!

    • @Jeremiah Thanks for the comment! It is incredible that they are all moms and can still dance with the best of the best. ClogOn!

  24. FAB FIVE FAN says

    Haha “Mikkey Moo” i love you so much, these girls are really fun to watch and are just sweet hearts i am so glad i could get to know them as mcuh as i have!! I hope they go all the way

  25. Smashingtoe says

    I thinkg these girls did great! I love the beginning! I did see a mistake with some arm movements -but overall the enenergy and performance was great.

    • @Smashingtoe – thanks for the comment! I did see a bit of that at the first too but, as was mentioned in an earlier comment, I feel that only cloggers that really know what to analyze would see the small miscue. Overall I feel they did an awesome job and look forward to the next performance.

      My feeling is, after all this discussion, that if we are true Clogging Advocates, we should only want the best for any clogging team – especially at this level.

      Thanks again for all the comments. Check out our interview with Mike Curtis from All That!

  26. clogger4life says

    Wow..not sure I dare leave a comment but here we go. I think they did great and will do well. All of us as cloggers should wish only the best for those going out there and showing America how amazing we are as cloggers. The other issue being brought up about them still dancing is a hard one. I think it’s great that they still dance along with others that are still dancing. It has never bothered me until this past year. When is it enough? Doing 4-5 dances? It felt like they wanted to take everything. When do you move on and let others have a chance to win? Just felt a little crammed down our throats. 🙁 Was the smallest awards show in a long time and I think next year will be even smaller because of the outcome. Young dancers are giving up. The other directors mentioned do not do every individual event there is, and some don’t do any anymore. Most dance with their teams to help make them stronger. I think what makes it hard is the fact that there are 5 of them monopolizing all the events compared to one director here and there doing just one or 2???? Hard one. Not sure what is best. My one question still is…”When is it enough”??? When do you allow others the experience of the win?? Still LOVE them to death and wish them luck!!

  27. FAB FIVE FAN says

    Clogger4life i understand what you are saying and i agree. But these guys have worked so hard to get where they are at now! And just because they want to do something fun in their life does not give anyone the right to bring them down!

  28. clogger4life says

    I hope you did not think i was bringing them down…I think they are amazing!!! I don’t know of any others that work harder than they do!!! They deserve everything they have earned!!! Love them!! Just wondering when it will be enough 🙂 Wish them all the best.

    • ok “clogger4life” when is enough going to be enough for you? are you going to clogg for the rest of your life? Just sounds pretty rediculous coming from a user name like that!! it’s funny how people show their jelousy!!! I am going to clog untill I either get to fat from having kids or I don’t have the time!!!

  29. loving it says

    Clogger4life, I think I agree with you a little on the fact that they danced what like 5 dances at nationals, but I think we need to stop and think a little. Maybe they were getting ready for America’s Got Talent. If it was me, and I was auditioning for something that is going to be put on national television I would like to be ready. I think the clogging world has a bad reputation for putting down our competitors. I like what bumblebee said, “ Step up and join the rest of us who cheer each other on. We would love to have you by our side… “ I for one am going to be cheering them on!!! Way to Go Lady’s and I will keep watching. ?

  30. That is so cool. I watched it and i was like woah… that was my teacher!!! Veva was my 10th grade english teacher. She is awesome!!!

  31. clogger4life says

    AGAIN…I will be that last to put them down, they are amazing. AGAIN…I am cheering them on!! I don’t feel like I have put them down one time, but have continued to say they are hard working, amazing dancers, on top of that, amazing people. IN THE CLOGGING COMPETITION WORLD ONLY, just wondering when they will let the younger dancers experience the joy of the win. WISH THEM NOTHING BUT THE BEST. Like I said in my first post, not sure I dare comment because I knew there would be a few that would take it as being negative. I don’t mean it that way. Still love them! Sometimes because it is true, does not mean it is negative.?? Hope the go all the way 🙂

  32. bumblebee says

    In the ‘clogging competition world only’ do we not see years where one team or certain people win everything? Mystelles. Rocky Mountain Express. Bethany’s teams. The Daws teams. Vawd Squad. Jenny Powers teams. And then individuals where usually won by the individuals in the teams who won. Cause it was fixed? Nope. Because those teams worked hard and pushed themselves so everyone became a stronger and better dancer and team. So we should push those teams and individuals to stop? Stop competing because they won a lot one year? If we really condoned those actions then arts and sports would be no more. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson you better quit because you win everything it’s just not fair to everyone else. And what do the other players of the loosing teams do; complain and walo in self destruction that they didn’t win? No! They took ownership that they didn’t do as well. They take ownership and work harder so the next year they can compete at a higher level then they knew they had. Sports, Dance, Arts, is always about improving oneself and ability past our own expectations.

    Obviously this site is promoting clogging and can we not join together for this once?! Again the cynicism and negativity coming from so many for five sisters, not just team members, but SISTERS competing together and preforming together is absurd. If you love them then join behind them, join the group of people who believe in each other and promote others success and happiness, especially cloggers.

    • @bumblebee – I LOVE your PASSION for clogging. It’s so fun to hear the strong feelings of fellow cloggers. Like you, I’m so excited for The Fab Five.

      I like your comments and comparisons about sports and clogging too – as these are two of my favorite things.

      My big question is – When is it “enough” to compete at the local level where the focus seems to be on younger participants?

      Another question – How many adult teams were there this last year at Lagoon?

      Final question – Besides events like America’s Got Talent, are there other big competitions where adult cloggers could “take it to the next level”?

      Thanks so much for your comments and what you do for clogging!


      • To answer your question about how many adult teams there were at the competition, the answer is 2. If you count how many teams had the opportunity to dance really well and score high the answer is about 16 teams from 12 different studios. It doesn’t matter on how many adult vs. Young Adult or Senior for the MVP teams. The way they award these is purely by points earned in the regular competition. So, yes, they are “competing” against younger teams, but not 10 and 12 year olds!

        I am so excited that they did take 3 MVP team titles as well as one of their studios taking another MVP title. What most people don’t understand is that they cannot take the same one back to back. That means next year at Nationals they will not be able to take the Show, Line or Open categories. This allows for more teams to have an opportunity and people really have no reason to complain at all.

        This is an amazing opportunity for these wonderful girls! They are full of energy and laughter, never a dull time when you are with them. Love you girls and we will be supporting you all the way through!!!

        • @Emclog – thanks so much for the clarification on the competition and details. I’m really hopeful for them at an event of this caliber too.

          Thanks again!

    • clogginglady says

      Okay. I get the analogy — but really — you don’t see the pro sports people competing against younger intermediate and advanced kids. They have their own venues for competition. That is all I am saying. There need to be some venues for the adults so that the kids can still achieve something instead of it always just going to the adults. Kids are getting discouraged and giving up clogging and that makes me really really sad because I lvoe clogging and want to see it continue to grow.

      And I do really hope the Fab Five win AGT. That would be amazing.

  33. clogger4life says

    WOW…this will be my last post. I wish them all the best, always have.

    • @clogger4life – Thanks SO MUCH for the comments and bringing up a great question. I’ve clogged for over 25 years, competed nationally, and saw some fun success. But at some point, since there isn’t a TON of adult competitors, I chose to “retire” from the competition scene and enjoy the success of others.

      Comparing this to sports is fun too – I look at Brett Favre, for example. This guy has been a sports ICON in Green Bay for so many years. However, he’s completely ruining his reputation as he drags his retirement on…Michael Jordan walked this line a bit too.

      I am really excited for The Fab Five. I support them and want them to go all the way. I will make a totally new post about this topic in the near future and would love your feedback.

      Thanks for the great comments! Keep them coming!

  34. Hi everybody! I really want to thank all of you who have supported us….it really means a lot to have support from our friends! Our journey has been very exciting, but can be very stressful! I’ve found when you get a chance to have a little time in the limelight you truly find your true friends! For those who support us, really know us, and know what we represent….thank you, thank you, for keeping us smiling when we have needed it most! Love you friends!!!


    • @Ayrion – Great comment! ALL Cloggers, whether they know you or not, should be so excited that yet another clogging team is taking clogging to the next level! I’m excited for you and know you all have so much to bring to the clogging community!

      Best of luck! When’s the next TV appearance?

    • cloggingrules says

      I’m glad you appreciate all the support. But, can I ask — why didn’t you address any of the other types of comments???? You ignoring them makes me wonder — are they right????

      Good luck on AGT! I hope you go all the way and win — that would be awesome for you and for the clogging world too.

      • @cloggingrules – is this in response to @Ayrion or in response to my comments?

        I feel the comment by @Emclog does explain a few of the misconceptions and I’m willing to hear more from the clogging community on the subject.

        Thanks for the comment!

        • clogginrules says

          My ocmment was in response to Ayrion’s comments. I would like to hear how they feel about competing at nationals. Do they think there needs to be a seperation for the adults so that youth have an opportunity to win some of the big titles? Back when they were teens — they didn’t have to compete with the adults the way the teenagers do now. I think it has only been the last several years that it has really become a problem. And, it’s not their fault. It just happened with the growth of the clogging world. I do wish them the best!!!

    • Hi Ayrion! You guys did a great performance out there. Congratulations! I was wondering, where did you guys bought the shiny pants you wear in the clip? I would love to buy a pair like these to my girlfriend who is also a dancer. Thanks and good luck for the future!


  36. I love the act. They should at least make it to the semis. Could have been better without the random shouting, but it was fun to watch, very well synchronized, and nicely choreography as well. I think if they make it a bit more modern with the music and outfits they have a nice shot at the finals. Good luck to them.

  37. FAB FIVE FAN says

    Ok well LDown the girls are scraming and shouting for the same reason that smiling is…to show that they are having a good time. And the reson that they are competing against younger kids is not their fault. Instead of whining about it on here why not go to the people who run the competitions? If their was a competition for adults I garentee they would mcuh rather compete there. So all of you who complain about all these competition things please stop.
    Ayrion was brave to get on here just to see what the people would think about her and her sisters. I know that the family knows how rude the world can be when others are in the spotlight. One person has to find the worst in the best people ever!!!!! I love you Whitears and I am so happy I have had the chance to get to know you so well!!! I hope you go all the way!! don’t let any thing that any one tells you get in the way of following your dream!!!!

  38. clogger4life says

    OK, I know I said in my last post, it would be my last but one more thing. Fab Five Fan, I’m not sure you realize that you could be the one being negative here. There is NOT one post that states that people are not supportive and want the best for these girls. Most say how much they liked them and thought they did a great job. Sometimes there are just questions that people ask and sometimes there is such a thing as “constructive criticism”. Ldown simply wanted to know if they had an opinion on the posts, and stated it in a very nice way. Maybe you should not be on the defense so much and realize that we are ALL pulling for them to do well and have the utmost respect for them? AGAIN…GO FAB FIVE! 🙂

  39. clogger4life says was Ldown that was just stateing her opinion on the yells and cloggingrules that was asking the question. Sorry for the mistake. Just a reminder, debate is healthy, not a bad thing. It has been nice seeing so many point of views 🙂

  40. I have clogged ever since I was a little girl. I was good but I was never spectacular by any means. I had my moments. I have been in the competition scene for a long time. I watched when I was little, people winning big awards and I hoped I could achieve that one day. I admit sometimes I thought the same people won, but looking back on it now that I am older it was the quality of dancer that would win because they were really good. As I got older the competition became tough, but it never discouraged me. My point behind the background is I grew up in the clogging competition world when it was bigger and even more challenging than it is now and it never discouraged me to quit and give up on clogging. I want to continue clogging and want to push myself to see if I can become a great clogger this year, so does that make me a martyr wanting to clog and compete at the age of 24? Are people going to get upset and talk behind my back because I am 24, an adult, wanting to compete and clog again?

  41. Will some please explain to me how the backlash is different from me, a 24 year old adult, and the Whitears dancing and competiting? Are you going to tell me to quit something I LOVE and never dance again because I am an adult and may beat out a younger competitor because they themselves are good enough to compete at the level I am also competiting at?

  42. clogger4life says

    I guess it is backlash to ask questions. My question was, “when will it be enough?”. Lindsey, how many MVP’s have you won? I’m guessing not near as many as they have? How many have they won??? 24 is still young! I don’t think they should stop dancing or competing, especially in the team events where they are against others their level and age. Just wondering in the solo events, when will they allow others the amazing feeling to win big? Maybe not monopolizing all the individual events? Again, it has to be a personal decision. I don’t think they should be forced out. Just wondering 🙂

  43. itsallfunandgames says

    I think the point the “haters” are making here is that maybe a new level should be created. The admin talked about what else is there to challenge these amazing ladies and other of their caliber? Why isn’t there another level? I seem to recall a few years ago that after making the All America team for five years you HAD to compete Pro, no questions asked. Why not make a new level for people who have won multiple MVPs. Lagoon boasts that it’s competition hosts the “Best of the Best” so make it that way. Do an MVP dance off of the MVPs. It would be our own clogging version of an All Star game!
    And to the Fab 5, rock on! It’s so neat to show them represent real clogging, no more wooden shoes 🙂

    • @itsallfunandgames – This is probably the BEST COMMENT YET! I have NO PROBLEM with adults competing really – like one commenter said, professional sports is all about adult competition. However, you never see Lebron James and company competing against the Junior High All Star B-Ball Team.

      Let’s TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Afterall, adults really should be the best of the best – they’ve competed the longest in many cases, they know what the judges look for (many of them have probably judged anyway), they know what it takes to win, they’ve danced together so long that they know exactly what the other is doing…


      Feedback readers? Who’s in favor of a new level of clogging?

      • love2clog says

        Love this idea!!!! I never thought they shouldn’t compete. Just that they need another level so they aren’t competing against the young kids. Then it makes it possible for the best dancers of every level to win!!!!!!

  44. Good luck Fab five. You were awesome to watch! I wish you the best. I think it’s a great opportunity for all cloggers to have the national spotlight put on clogging. Hopefully it will open people’s eyes to what clogging is really about. I just hope people don’t come here to read about clogging and see all of the bickering. I personally would love to be as good as they all are (at their age). I know I still couldn’t compete at that level. We will be watching and cheering you on!!

    Good luck!

  45. WOW!!! I had no idea that you guys were going on the show but I was watching it with my husband and how excited was I to see you guys on there! I used to take lessons from LaChere and it was soo fun to show my husband!! I hope you make it far!! YOU GUYS ROCK.. I loved it.

  46. About the older competitors sliding to the side and letting the younger ones have at it………. Well, this is my personal experience. I am an instructor and when we compete, I will compete in my age division (none of my dancers are my age), most of them in their teens…….. If I win first for my age division, I will not go for grand champ if one of my dancers will be competiting against me. I have been there, won grand champ……… and I think as you grow older and mature, you dont have to prove a point like you did when you were younger…. You know you are good, you know you work hard, let someone else feel that glory…. Now if you have never won before, GO FOR IT!!!! but if you win grand champ every time you compete, give it up and give someone else a snowballs chance!!!

    • love2dance says

      I agree with Lisa! competition has lost its “power” for me because the same ADULT winners always win every year… so it is like we young kids don’t have a chance. So America-On-Stage is not very fun anymore… I have even lost a little bit of passion for clogging because of it.

  47. cloggermomdixie says

    I have been around the clogging world about 5 years now and I think the fighting and backbiting is horrible! All 4 of my kids dance and I have never felt bad that when they reach the pro level they are expected to compete against the very best. I have watched my daughters learn so much from their instructors (two of my favorites in the fab five) My girls win and lose but if the best quit competing then are you really winning? Shouldn’t you have to be the best to win? I hope to see my girls one day surpass their teachers and win an mvp title but it won’t mean as much if they aren’t competing against the best! So good luck and all my love the the FAB 5. We are behind you all the way!!!! and if some of you have a problem with the way local competitions are run, don’t take it out on these amazing ladies! Take it to Greg or Brian at America On Stage – your comments should be to those in charge. Again we love you girls and we will be gathred around the t.v cheering REALLY REALLY LOUD!!!!

    • love2dance says

      they are really amazing but in my opinion they don’t win because they are the best, they win because they are instructors!! if they were not, they probably would not have a chance! competition is so political now a days. I love the Fab Five, but I don’t think that they should compete against their own students. I would never do that. I think that having your own students win MVP would be more rewarding then winning it yourself. But with all that being said… I love the Fab Five and support them all they way! I too will be cheering REALLY REALLY LOUD!

  48. FAB FIVE FAN says

    Ok everyone I have recently talked to a Fab Five member and she has read everything you guys have been writing and she stated, “If all those people talking bad about us or asking stupid questions to make us look like bad people are behind us a hundred percent they why are they even talking like that. If they are going act like that then don’t be a baby, they should put their real name. Then we will be able to see who are real friends are.” That is really what a memeber said, She told me that she hates to get on here and see what people think about them when they don’t even know them, and if they do know them then they know the truth about them. They really are amazing girls and I love them all!

    Your biggest fan,
    Fab Five Fan a.k.a. Shay

    • love2clog says


      • FAB FIVE FAN says

        Ok really love2clog get a freaking life I never said they got their feelings hurt. Duh and if you are going to be like that you and your attitude should just STOP writing on here your comments are retarted

  49. FAB FIVE FAN says

    Oh and clogger4life just stop writing you promised us all that it would be your last time writing on here but you just won’t and everytime you write something the more I feel you don’t like these girls.

  50. Love2Clog please grow up. Wanting to know who their real friends are… wouldn’t you like to know who your real friends are? I bet the Fab 5 have been a friend to you. They never say anything bad about anyone and you can’t stop being rude. Please do us all a favor and grow up.

    • Thank You Lindsey! Its ridiculous to keep bashing on the fab 5. They are the best and they have worked for it. Anyone that competes with them or against them knows that and they are the sweetest people you will ever meet. I would know I dance with 2 of them. I love them to death.

  51. mikkey moo says


  52. FAB FIVE FAN says

    Haha love you too mikkey moo!!!! Fab five will make it all the way!!!

  53. I personally agree with cloggermomdixie. The backbiting is horrible and it gives everyone involved with the sport of clogging a very bad name. Those who whine about “it’s not fair” need to step it up and work harder. If you want to beat the best, you have to work hard to become the best yourself. I clogged many years ago with these ladies and so admire them for continuing with something they are so passionate about. Good luck with AGT!! You all are ROCK STARS and I hope you take it all!!! <3

  54. FAB FIVE FAN says

    YAY!!!!!!!!! THEY MADE IT TO HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. valerie Whitear says

    Hi cloggers I am the Father of the Fab Five Sisters, thanks for all the support of the family of cloggers. It wasn’t easy putting 6 kids through clogging lessons, yes 6, my son clogged until he was 12. My wife wore out two suburbans running the kids to competions and gigs their teachers entered them in. My kids have clogged in Europe, Canada, and across the United States, from California to
    Nashville, Tenn. When you pay the price of experiance and you are finishers, then maybe you will reach the top. The question what is the top in clogging? Right now being on America’s Got Talent. For parents being willing to invest in your children,(about $50,000.00) per child. For kids lessons every week, three or four costums per child, practice every day, compete some where else besides Utah. Results is up to you, your heart, your goals, and in the end, no regrets. If you are willing to pay the price of success, then in time you will win. As a very pleased Father, I can honestly say there isn’t a runt in the bunch. They have paid the price, and after 18 years at home they have continued to clogg as adults, 19 grand children later, they looked great on National Tv. Life is too short to miss the ride, I’m pleased to see the support of our family of cloggers, they dance live August 11th, I think you’ll be entertained as I have for over 20 years. Dad

    • Great comment “Dad”! I agree that ALOT more goes in to the whole process of “getting to the top” than most people think.

      I also have asked myself multiple times what “getting to the top” really means.

      To me, “the Top” is different for every clogger. Some aren’t in to the big competition scene, which is fine. Others want to teach (which I think is close to the TOP – sharing your talent with others and helping them develop a healthy talent they can share with others).

      Cloggers, what do YOU think is the TOP when it comes to clogging?

  56. Go DAD Whitear!!!

  57. FAB FIVE FAN says

    I love all you Whitears!!!

  58. Karen Anderson says

    Clogging DOES inspire passion, you have to give the “sport” credit for that! It really is not up to the Whitears to decide “when enough is enough”. They compete because that is HOW they stay at the top of their individual and collective “game”. That is true of all “winners”, whether it is in music, dance, sports, debate, cheerleading, etc. You can practice and teach all you want, but only through competing will you KNOW where you stand. If it bothers you that they end up competing against younger children because of the rules, then take up your beef with those in charge of making the rules. Long before The Fab Five, there were the Nielsens, the Carters, the Brothersons…goodness, the list could go on-and-on. Every generation of cloggers has had a pinnacle to attain unto. The names may change a little from generation to generation, but the pinnacle is the same. The Fab Five, it would seem, is the current pinnacle. YES…they ARE housewives. They may very well teach and compete in clogging, but that in no way detracts from the fact that they ARE housewives, and are proud of that title. YES…they ARE from different states…not ALL different states, but different states, just the same. It really is not important to discuss the minutia of details. My daughters trained with LaChere for years, and have danced with Cambria, Shaundalee and Aryion. I don’t know Veva well, but I do know that these are good, decent, and loving women. They have always set the best of examples to my daughters, and I will always be grateful to them for the way in which they brought out the BEST in my own girls. I am proud of their performance, and proud of the way that they have represented clogging. In my opinion, clogging is still one of the most wholesome activities available to young children and young adults. You couldn’t ask for a better environment to have your children participate in. The Whitear girls exemplify all of the best that the “sport” has to offer. My daughters and myself are cheering them on. They have our full support, and our votes. We are phoning all of our friends, and asking them to watch, and vote for them if they feel they are worthy of the votes. Thanks SO much LaChere, Shaundalee, Aryion, Cambria and Veva, for giving us MUCH to cheer for. Go all the way!

  59. I have never clogged, but watched it & enjoyed it over the years. I grew up in Pocatello, Idaho, so I was excited last night to hear on the Boise, Idaho news that one of the girls lives there now. I missed which one it is, & I also missed what Idaho city the other sister now lives in. One thing for sure, Idaho welcomes them. Also, are they L.D.S. (Mormon)? I bet they are. I am (& proud to say so!). It is so refreshing to watch some good, clean, wholesome acts, I love America’s Got Talent, & I thank them for bringing us this level of entertainment, I noticed the less wholesome acts (drag divas, & the triplets) got shot down! It’s good to see this kind of entertainment on t.v. finally. One last word, my husband & I also enjoy So You Think You Can Dance. These two programs encourage our youth (& elders) to get off the couch & get moving. KUDO’s to some good tv!!!!

  60. clogger12394:) says

    They did FANTASTIC at the quarter finals. They have raised the bar and exceeded. I was expecting them to do good, but they did way beyond what I could have imagined. Good Luck to the Fab Five cloggers!!!

  61. I have to save I think they were great. I have the show recorded on my dvr and have to say that my 2 year old who does not like to watch tv wants to keep watching them dance. I have to keep rewinding it because when its over my son keeps saying again mama. I hope they go really far they are talented !!!!

  62. What a great performance they gave in the second and third routine! They are better and better. You go girls!
    Morgan, Utah is proud to have such fine representation!

  63. I’m NOT a clogger.

    Never seen a clogging competition.

    Never heard of any of these cloggers before watching Americas Got Talent.

    And I watched the boys (All that) and the girls (Fab Five) and all I can say is that the Fab Five SMOKED the boys.

    Their performances had waaayyy more showmanship than the boys.

    Their Sean Kingston 911 and high school drummer routines were SMOK’IN HOT!

    Anyway, there’s an opinion for you from a non-clogger.


    • Great comment David, especially coming from a non-clogger! Let all your “non-clogger” friends know about voting for The Fab Five next week on AGT!


  64. I was roommates with Shaundalee and knew nothing about clogging before I attended college. She taught me a routine that won me my first clogging competition. I spent time with each of these sisters and know that they are just as sweet and talented on this show as they seem. It saddens me that people in the clogging community would try to bash the sisters’ talent and reputation when all they are doing is building the cloggging name by showing what amazing things can be done. They are precise, they are fun, they are genuine. What more can they give?

    • Amen Rachel! I danced with Cambria at Ricks College and have known these girls my whole “clogging life”. I’m good friends with Shaundalee’s in-laws from Burley and clogged with them since I was 7 years old. I think they are doing a great job and represent clogging extremely well. I hope they win it all!

  65. Fab Five,

    I spoke with the father for about 30 mins. (I just called him out of the blue.) These 5 young women are the real deal. They grew up on a farm in Morgan, Utah. When all the boys started to play football in the fall, the girls moved sprinkler pipe, hauled hay, milked the cows, and did the work. They now live in 3 different states. To take 5 people (all moms with kids, one with cerbal palsy and another with kidney disease and busy schedules) and be so precise, polished, and professional is a real feat. When they finally are able to get together, they practice, practice, practice. Their routines take a lot of hard work and creative minds. They have my vote.


    • Clogginggirl says

      It sounds like everyone complaining about them competiting individuals should go back to champ and stay out of pro. It’s their right, it’s the way the competitions work. Being in pro comes with not only having awesome dancing skills, but also a new level of maturity comping up from champ. You have to be able to take it gracefully when you don’t win, and come back strong at the next competition. If you work hard enough, you’ll get there one day. If you’re truly a committed clogger competing in pro, you’ll come back year after year fighting and one day it WILL be your chance. But if you can’t handle not winning you should level down to champ. Pro IS the place for people like the fab five. Plus, it’s not all about WINNING. That experience and excitement of the big win you’re talking about? It also comes with having joy to dance, competing with your team not just individuals, and LOVING what you’re doing. Then, what do you really have to prove to anyone anyway? You’ve already proved to yourself why you do it- you LOVE to clog. And that’s all that should really matter.

  66. I am not a clogger. I was so charmed with their performance it has made me want to look for classes locally.
    I think the people that are being so mean in their comments are missing the point… it’s all about enjoying yourself and bringing joy to others; the do both! They’ve got my 10 votes!

  67. Just want them to know that my daughter was just crying because they got eliminated a few minutes ago, they really are my daughters favorite to win!!!! Best of luck to them..My daughter is 6 and she’s been praying for them to win but we told her that their families will be glad that they are coming home to be with them because they have little children like her as well..She is a lot better!!

  68. I am a 55 year old guy and I am just a fan but I was really blown away by the Fab Five on AGT. They had my votes from day one and I have replayed their videos more times than I care to admit. All of you cloggers should be proud as it is extremely entertaining and I think that the more America sees what you do the more popular it will become.

  69. Brandon Brownson says

    Hi brandon here to say that clogging is one the hardest type of dances there is to do. I beleave that it changed my live when I danced with utah express and steel family cloggers. I remember going to nationals and winning and going on hee-haw,and other national televised shows. I was wondering if anyone out in the clogging world remebers me Brandon Brownson.

  70. I’m a non-clogger, but LOVED the Fab 5 on AGT. I really wanted them to win. My boss and I were talking about them this morning and wondering what they are doing now. Have they received any offers for shows anywhere? I would love to see them again.


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