The Fab Five Perform on Monday September 14, 2009

It’s a big weekend for five sisters from Morgan Utah. On Monday, the Fab Five will dance on the biggest stage of their lives: in the finals ofAmerica’s Got Talent.”

The Fab Five are in Las Vegas now, and practicing their clogging up to 10 hours a day. But Veva says they couldn’t do it without family and friends.

“It’s not really the Fab Five anymore. It’s like the Fab 50 (or 720 ClogOn Fans and 1,500 cloggers respectively on Facebook) and, because so many people are just reaching out to us,” Veva said.

They say they are just enjoying the ride. But if they win, they want to use the prize money to help their children and their dad, who lost his Morgan farm in this bad economy.

Veva had a message for fans back home.

“To the viewers of Utah,” she said, “thank you so much for letting us into your homes and into your hearts.”

The finals are Monday night on NBC.

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  1. Hey there Clog On fans (Hey Nate). First of all thanks to all who love and support the Fab Five. It was been a wonderful experience for our families. Thanks to all who have helped us Five Fathers with our children. Wouldn’t be possible without you. Also a huge thanks to our Silent Teacher, most don’t know you’re there, but THANKS. You know who you are. Most of all thanks to a kind Father in Heaven for this opportunity. It is amazing to feel His hand in all of this.
    Just to clarify the Fab Five are not in Las Vegas this week, they are in Los Angeles (Hollywood) where they have been practicing like mad. The entire Live shows of America’s Got Talent have been in Hollywood (including the Finals tonight.) The Las Vegas tour show will begin October 7th. And hopefully the Fab Five will be headlining the big event. GO FAB FIVE. Again thanks for the love and support to those Fab Five Fans out there.

    • Hey Roger!

      Thanks for the great comment and clarification on location of tonights performance! I can’t imagine all the help you dad’s must have to have – what are you going to do when they WIN IT ALL? 🙂 I’m so excited to see people on TV that I know and respect, especially CLOGGERS that are showing the world what clogging and family life are all about – thanks to you all!

      Keep us posted on all the details! We’ll do our best here at to let the world know what clogging is all about and to help the Fab Five win it all.

      Thanks again for the comments. Tell all your family hello!

      Nate Moller