The Southern Belles vs The Fab Five Clogging Teams

The Southern Belles


The Fab Five

What a clogging competition this would be – The Southern Belles vs. The Fab Five.  Since they have both been involved in America’s Got Talent we thought this would be a fun survey.

Which women’s clogging team would you pick to win if they were competiting, The Southern Belles or The Fab Five?

Place your vote!

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  1. The southern Belles are way better then the fab five!!! Just take an honest look at both teams….it’s obvisous that the southern beeles have REAL TALENT!!!

    these fab five women on the other hand are good, but the only reason they are “national” Champs is because they go up againist 14-17 year olds at all of the America On Stage Competitions!

    They need to find a better venue then America on Stage to compete! They better not be there is year competing againest little kids again this year!!! Honestly the fab 5 are a little old to be at te America On Stage Competitions!!!! FIND A BETTER PLACE TO Dance and i get you will find that your not that great compared to Cloggers their own age!!!

  2. I bet you dont post this response since your a Huge Fab 5 fan, not trying to be mean, just honest thats all!

    • If we didn’t want to hear what cloggers thought, we wouldn’t have asked the question. The question was not to “promote” the Fab Five or Southern Belles, just to see what cloggers from all over the world thought. We appreciate your feedback and opinion. ClogOn!


  4. I hate to admit it because it annoys me that they still compete at AOS but I think the FAB Five blow the Southern Belles away. They are both great teams. Even though I think the Fab Five are great, I thought the little pirouette in the circus routine looked ridiculous — like a beginning little girl in ballet. But otherwise — they did great.

  5. I don’t understand this type of forum where a community that wants their dance to thrive and grow bashes those taking the lead to promote it. The fact is it is going to take alot more than just the clogging community to bring our dancing to the forefront of the “dance community”. Although, in a competition setting our dance gets picked apart and is subjected to those that are judging, once we step out of that arena people keep treating it as though it is a competition amongst clogging groups. It’s not, and we may not love everything about the groups that get those opportunities, but please don’t pretend to be supportive and then the first chance you get bash what they do. I would like to see anyone of the people that have made the negative comments, get up on that stage and subject themselves to the judges and the negative comments that come and still be as sweet and appreciative as the FAB FIVE were. I hope the clogging community wakes up before it is to late!

    • Thanks for your comment @fedup! We agree that the negative talk is a bit over the top – especially if the goal is to “keep clogging strong!”

      We do let people state their opinion in hopes that we can learn from these people about how to better promote clogging as the best dance form!

      Thanks for your feedback!


    • Amen! to Fedup!

      • I guess one question I have for @fedup and @JD is “What do you suggest?” That we block all comments from cloggers who have an opinion other than your own?

        Is it healthy for clogging to just keep a “pretty face, all is well” type approach or to really look at the issues, if there are some, and look for solutions?

        Our goal at ClogOn is to GROW CLOGGING! Sometimes growth requires looking at processes as they are and making changes that will take the “lid off the bucket” and let the flower really take off.

        My question to ALL CLOGGERS EVERYWHERE – Are clogging competitions, dance studios, dance directors, and everything about clogging a perfected process?

  6. My point is this! What are we doing as a community to stimulate appreciation for the talent we have? why do we have comments like the one from “clogger”? If you have had this negative feeling about the clogging competitions that you attend, then why not leave an anonymous note to the promoters of those competitions and see if that would stimulate change? Why, once someone has stepped up and shared our talent with the world, does it then become important to bash them? If we want our community to grow and be shared with others, then we need to have a mutual respect. Having opinions about how competitions are run is important, but there are better ways to handle them and it certainly is not the fault of the participants! The rules and fairness of a competition are the sole responsibility of the people hosting them and the body of people that sanction them. If you do not agree with how they are ran than take the time to do something about it, don’t blame teams or take their time in the spotlight, and use it as a time to bash them! What’s the purpose? I believe if we can learn to appreciate and accept change and growth as well as preserve the traditional art form of clogging, we can keep “clogging strong”!

    • @fedup thanks so much for clarifying! I, too, agree that now is not the time to bring up issues about how a competition is organized; what we’re talking about is the talent of cloggers from different areas of the country.

      This blog post had NOTHING to do with the rules of a competition, it was simply to compare two different styles of clogging and focus on both of their amazing talents.

      Thanks again to all of you who share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Hopefully together we can take clogging to the next level and “ClogOn!”

  7. I didn’t see the Southern Belles but they look good. I did watch this season of AGT though and I don’t think the Fab Five ever missed a step and I thought they were extremely entertaining. From the start I thought I’d be voting for Kevin Skinner but as it turned out I had to vote for the two acts I felt deserved to win and that was the Fab Five and Barbara Padilla. I found myself going back to the Fab Five’s videos over and over again and I never got tired of them.

  8. the fav 5 only look better because your comparing their finale dance to the southern belles auditition!go to youtube and look up there audititon

    • Thanks for the reply @cceclogger!

      We really like both teams and just wondered what the clogging community thought. If you have some video you’d like us to post, let us know!

  9. Why chose? Have we gained anything out of “Their better! No, their better! No, their better!”? They’ve both taken clogging to a national stage, and represented it well. So who cares who did it better?

    • Great question Theresa! I guess the deeper question is, “Why do we have clogging competitions at all?”

      The main reason for my question was to hear what cloggers from all over the world think about the different styles these teams represent.

      I LOVE that both of them have helped clogging build a name on the national stage.

      Thanks for the comment!

  10. Joy White says

    I have been clogging for many years—and talent wise the Southern Belles are much better dancers from what I have seen. Like seriously no comparison if you simply compare clogging talent on a technical level. I am not that familiar with the Fab 5 though—so this is the only video I have seen. When I was in highschool Blake (the director of the Southern Belles) and I danced on the same team out of Valdosta, GA—so I recognize that I am perhaps a bit biased. The Southern Belles just seem to be better cloggers—although the routine the Fab 5 did with all of the extra stuff was good.

  11. It really isn’t a fair comparison because one clip is an audition and the other clip is a final performance. Both groups are really talented and put on a great show. Their timing is impeccable and their dedication is evident. I think the winner here is the viewers.