We Need Your Help Cloggers

Vanessa W. from Florida is definitely committed to “keep clogging strong!” She’s been involved in clogging for about 10 years and loves what she does.

Unfortunately, a few months ago, her child’s clogging team had an experience that would shock all fellow cloggers. Here’s what she told www.ClogOn.com:

“Over the past year our clogging team did many fundraisers and special shows to raise money to perform… All the kids were so excited and looking forward to the trip as a team.

“Our director told us we would be the only clogging group at this event and we would represent the U.S.A. As a team, we earned well over $3000.00 which would be distributed between each team member to help with the expenses. However, when it came time to divide the money up, there wasn’t any. This was two days before we were supposed to leave. No one really knew what to say.

“We arrived…only to learn that we were never invited to the event and didn’t even get to dance. A lot of our dancers could not afford to take this trip and used this time in place of family vacations. When we arrived home and our director was confronted about the missing money he said, ‘This is my clogging group and I will do whatever I want with the money.’

“He finally admitted to spending the money on some personal issues that he had. Everyone was devastated and felt very used. Our little ones were very disappointed they didn’t receive any of the money that they worked so hard for.

“In order to “keep clogging strong!”, I started a group of my own to give all of us a place to dance. I am quickly learning how expensive it can be to start from scratch and keep things going, (music, shoes, uniforms, building, etc….) I’m sure all of you know what I am talking about…Even though we have fallen on hard times and have to start from scratch we are a determined team to KEEP CLOGGING STRONG!!!”

The goal at www.ClogOn.com is to help cloggers “keep clogging strong!” Stories like this inspire us to reach out and help a fellow clogger.

We have set a goal to help raise $1,500 for Vanessa’s new studio. Our plan is to contribute to the fund to help supply her with clogging shoes and products.

We need your help too. Any donation to the Vanessa Clogging Team Fund will help.

The money will be used exclusively for Vanessa’s team and will be tax deductible.

A check will be given to Vanessa to help her team “keep clogging strong!”

Thanks for your help!