What are Clogging Shoes Really?

I’ve been clogging practically my whole life (25 of 31 years). My clogging shoes have taken me all over the world. I can’t count how many times I’ve answered the question (or one similar):

What are clogging shoes?

So, here are answers to this ongoing question:

5 Things Clogging Shoes Are Not

1. Tap Shoes

Despite the similarities and new versions of “Power Tap” that are a clogging/tap combo, clogging shoes and tap shoes are different.  The main difference is that clogging shoes have two steel taps on the toe and heel; tap shoes generally have one on the toe and heel.

2. Big Clogs

3. Small Clogs

4. Shoes You Can Sit It

5. Shoes Clogging a Toilet

Here are the clogging shoes we’re referring to:

Ms. Stompers

(Girls and Women’s Clogging Shoes)

Mr. Stompers

(Boys and Men’s Clogging Shoes)

Scoop or Mary Jane Style

(Girls and Women’s Clogging Shoes)

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