Who’s the Best in Adult Clogging?

All That?

The Fab Five?

The Dynamic Edition?

Another team?

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Due to recent comments about The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent, I want to ask a few questions:

Question 1:

Where is the best place to determine who is the best of the best in Adult Clogging?

Question 2:

Is it ok for adults to compete for overall titles against the younger cloggers at local competitions?

Question 3:

At what point do Adults need to step down and let the younger generation “rise and shine”, or do they?

Thanks for the comments!  ClogOn!


  1. I just realized that I posted to the wrong page…… FAB five was wonderful! And what an inspiration for the older dancer. All that is a good team, but some of them…. notice I say some…. really one in particular, have this cockiness, that I cannot get past when I watch them dance and it ruins the appeal for me. And yes, I have met this one in person and he is a SNOT, (I am not just being unjustifably judgmental). I cant handle that. If you are good, you are good, and you can know it, but be humble. That is what makes you great.

  2. Randy stewart says

    Wow, all three groups shown here are great but I do not believe that competition danceing should be for instructors (no matter what age level). If you have the ability to teach these dances and choreo these my hat comes off to you but I don’t compete with my dancing because i find that it makes people arrigent and big headed, and that takes the fun away from clogging for others. As far as adults competing that is fine but the should be placed according to level of ability not age. Everyone or no one should have the option to compete.

    • I have to disagree with that. I am an instructor and I compete with my team because I love dancing and having a good time. I don’t think it means that you’re big-headed at all if you dance with your team. I think that if you are instructor then you shouldn’t be doing a choreographed solo – that’s taking it a little too far. But why not have fun with the skills God gave you? There are big-headed instructors and directors but there are also those instructors, like me, who don’t really give a rip about competeing and just want to have fun sharing talents and seeing others talents at fun competitions.

    • I totally agree that instructors should not be allowed to compete against the Senior teams. Clogging is a career for them, give the teams that are still trying to get to the instructors level a chance to shine! I do enjoy watching the teams with “professionals” dancing so my suggestion would be to have a different catagory for them to dance and compete in.

  3. I have to say that I was around when Clogging began to take on the essence that it is today. From Bill Nichols to Mike Curtis the best two males ever are Burton Edwards and Brent Montgomery. There are too many ladies to pick just two. Burton developed the style that is taught everywhere including internationally. Brent Montgomery carred clogging into venues that had never before seen the likes of clogging.

    • Thanks for the great comment Greg! I too think Brent Montgomery is definitely up there with the best of the best. Others that come to mind are:
      – Jay Ledford
      – Scotty Bilz
      – Jeff Driggs

      I agree with what you said about girls too – so many amazing ones to pick from that it’s really hard to say.

      Thanks for the comment! ClogOn!

  4. I have got to say that I think Scotty Bilz is one of the greatest! I just went to the byu clogging camp and had him as a teacher, as well as Jeff, who is amazing as well! Another great male is Andrew Babbit!

  5. I think Brent Montgomery by all means is the best male dancer of all times… he is the reason All That is who they are… granted he also taught the cockiness. No man can take his talent though, something God truly blessed him with…. here are a few more of my favorite men dancers…
    Scotty Bilz
    Burton Edwards
    Jeff Driggs
    Chris Hill
    Ryan Rickard
    All the above men were inspiration to me growing up. UDF (ultimate dance force) use to be my ultimate inspiration.

    but… one girl taught me all I know as a “professional” clogger and that is Crystal Muse…. thats one talented woman and I give her credit for teaching me how to use my God given talent. I competed with her team for years and was always proud of who I was. Also Glen Hill boosted my start with introducing me to Crystal. So many people in the clogging world are inspirational and I love seeing clogging so well represented on TV!

    Ok I’m done 🙂

  6. I disagree with the Brent Montgomery thing! I think Mike Curtis is one of the best clogger/dancer that I’ve ever seen. Mike is the one who coordinates “All That” & I think they bring so much to the world of clogging. I love to watch them perform, it just really puts a big smile on your face!! Not to mention….none of them are too bad to look at either. I like Mike, but my favorite is Delohn!! Oh yeah!

  7. I agree with all the names mentioned in previous posts, but, the reason I am still clogging at the age of 60 is Steve Smith and my current instructor, Allison Rae Ellis.
    Steve and Allison brought out the best in me as far as clogging goes and I continue to love it to this day because of their teachings. I must add though, Allison is my daughter.


    • norma schultz says

      I am 78 years old, began clogging at 52 when clogging first came into our State. I’ve danced in 1119 exhibitions, many parades on the back of a semi truck. I still teach and perform. My first workshop was Fontana after just graduating from beginner class. I was a novice but danced every dance taught (easier than now where you run from one room to another). The “rise and shine” competiton in the evening was breath-taking, my first glimpse of Charlie and Steve and Scotty and Simone! I’ve never forgotten it. After many nationals and workshops in Columbus, Charlotte, OK, MN, Myrtle Beach and lately Mt. View AR, Cumberland Falls, Chatanooga, Steve Smith is the smoothest and most graceful of all. Seeing Simone dance in high heels iin OK was unreal; Ira is a phenom in his international folk styles, and Trevor, Shane, Scotty, Matt, Jeff, Chip, Naomi; Missy and Matt and Kelly can all put anyone seen on a talent show to shame. Had any of these dancers been on So You Think You Can Dance, the audience could have seen “the best” of clogging. If I were able to, my goal in life was to retire and travel and stop at every clogging club I could around the U.S., and write a story about clogging. When our club was large, we did 119 exhibitions in one year. Most years we’d do beteen 60 and 75. We’re down to maybe 12 because of a lack of dancers. It is very sad that clogging has gone so far from its traditional style. I don’t mind some of the pop, but will always think clogging belongs to bluegrass and country music.

  8. Buster Green says

    Here’s some more that have to be mentioned: Burton Edwards, Ira Bernstein, Steve Smith, Gary Larsen