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New Featured Fellow Clogger – Ira Bernstein

Hello Cloggers! I hope late September finds you all well. I’m not too sure what’s going on right now in the clogging world: not many have said too much on the ClogOn Cloggers Forum yet! If you know of competitions, performances, clogging events or workshops, let us all know via the ClogOn Cloggers Forum –

To keep you updated, has a new “Featured Fellow Clogger!” His name is Ira Bernstein, a percussive dancing extraordinaire!! Read all about him at

Keep Clogging Strong! Keep us all posted about what’s new in clogging!

Gary Larsen has been’s 1st Featured Fellow Clogger. He has been honored for a variety of reasons: first, he has been someone has always respected as an amazing clogger and folk dancer; second, he is the new folk dance director at BYUIdaho, where he will share his clogging and folk dance expertise with students and many others all over the world; third, he has been a great instructor at BYU in Provo, Utah, where he not only taught clog dancing, but also specialized in a variety of percussive dances including African Gumboot, Hungarian, Ukrainian and many others; finally, Gary is a Featured Fellow Clogger not only because he knows how to shake his feet, but also because he has dedicated hours and hours, years and years, to studying and researching the clogging history and culture as it started and as it is today. Thanks for all you do Gary! ClogOn!

If you have recommendations of cloggers you respect, please let us know at and we will contact them for an interview. Keep Clogging Strong!