Clogs, Clogging Shoes, Clogging Dance Shoes, Clog Shoes – What do YOU call them?

buy clogging shoes onlineAs most of you know, we sell clogging shoes and taps and New ones, used ones, and even “scratched and dent” (do clogging shoes actually “dent”?)…

Anyway, I’ve been clogging for almost 30 years.

I’ve been to a lot of clogging events, competitions, and performances and have since then worked with lots of dance studios to get them cool clogging shoes and good prices.

The question has come up recently, however, about what people actually call their clogging shoes. We call them “clogging shoes” but have heard the following variations of the name:

What do you call clogging shoes?

  • Clogs
  • Clogging Dance Shoes
  • Clog Dance Shoes
  • Clog Shoes
  • Clog Dancing Shoes
  • Tap Shoes (please don’t pick this one since they are NOT the same)
  • Buck Shoes

We look forward to comments and feedback from our fellow cloggers all over the world. When you comment, make sure you tell us where you’re from so we get a better idea if the name people call their shoes is different based on area.


The Air Clogging Shoes Response

As some of you probably saw, on Monday, April 1st, 2013 ClogOn announced a break through product – the Air Clogging Shoes!


We’re now confessing: you’ve all been “punked” – we played an “evil, evil” clogging joke on April Fools Day.

We honestly did it all in good fun and hope we didn’t get anyone’s hopes up too much (although these clogging shoes are something worth considering if the demand is really there).

Here are some of the responses we got from the clogging community:

I want these air clogs as soon as they are available!!!  Totally stoked! Yes clogging does hurt ankles if I clog too long, & b/c I was in a horrific auto wreck 2 yrs back – clogging sets off my nerve pain in my head horribly if I clog too long – this would be the answer to my prayer – I LOVE 2 CLOG!!!

And this:

I can hardly wait for them to be available – yippie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this:

I’m guessing this is just a photo shop mock up type of thing, so people get the idea? Because I’m not jiving on the look at all. But if it’s just a mock up, I’ll keep my mind open, LOL…

And this:

…do they light up as well? Looks like lights are in the soles.

And more:

Wow. I might have to buy another pair!

But wait, there’s more:

I use to wear air or jelled inserts in my shoes because the constant stomping was killing my knees. The inserts took the shock off my knees. they really helped.

Only a couple more:

Do they help you clog better & have more “spring” in your clogging!

Some people really wondered:

Wait…..are they real then?

April Fool’s ?

Some doubted:

Wonder how these shoes are supposed to be better?


And some just out-right called us on it:

I’m calling April Fools.

April Fools, who would wear these, not me

But at the end of the day, here are the stats from our April Fool’s clogging shoes joke.

The April Fools Day Results

  • Facebook Fan Page Views: 5,616 people reached
  • Facebook Fan Page Likes: 105 (including likes of comments)
  • Facebook Fan Page Shares: 39
  • Facebook Fan Page Comments: 17
  • Direct inquiries via email or chat from potential buyers: 2

Thanks to all of you for the interaction and Happy April!

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Air Clogging Shoes Coming Soon! has been doing research all over the internet, at dance competitions, and via our ClogOn Facebook Fan Page. And, we’ve come to a huge conclusion, clogging can have the potential to really hurt your legs and knees if you’re not careful.

So, without further adieu, we announce the one, the only . . . Air Clogging Shoes!


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We’re excited to see you all over the internet – Clog On!

Clogging Job Board: Powerhouse Cloggers Needed!

Do you LOVE clogging?

Are you in to traveling and performing at a variety of venues?

Then this job may be for you?


Powerhouse Percussive Dance is looking for some advanced dancers for summer shows. You must be 18 years old or older. You must be a minimum of Advanced skill level. Other characteristics wanted include easy to work with and quick learners.

You will be performing cool & contemporary looking routines.

Irish and tap experience also considered.

Check out Powerhouse in action!

If you feel you’d be the “Perfect Powerhouse Fit”, fill out the simple application today and Brian from Powerhouse will contact you shortly:

  • Location Information

  • Application Documents

  • This can be copied and pasted into this form or attached as part of the resume. If attached, please type in "Cover letter attached with resume" in this section.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
    We accept pdf, doc, and docx files.

VIDEO: All That has a Competitor – ALL IT!

Thanks to Ginger Taylor for sharing this AWESOME clogging video of All That getting “one-up’d” by the up and coming “ALL IT”. Scotty Bilz, Chip Summey and Jeff Driggs share their 80’s style clogging technique with the famous All That clogging group!

What do you think of the 80’s style clogging versus the current clogging style of All That?

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VIDEO: All That Clogging Group in the Wild Card of America’s Got Talent

Mike Curtis and All That Clogging Group did an AWESOME job last night on America’s Got Talent.

Check out the video of them “Clogging On!”

We’ll keep you posted and hope you all had a chance to vote.

INTERVIEW: Mike Curtis from All That Clogging Group – Part 2

All That clogging group is on America’s Got Talent and representing contemporary clogging PERFECTLY!

We had the chance to interview the leader of their team, Mike Curtis. This is Part Two of our interview with Mike Curtis from All That!

Read the first interview with Mike and let him know how much you appreciate what he’s doing for clogging by making a comment!

6. Where has clogging taken you?

Clogging has taken me to Japan, Canada, China, Germany, and more than 25 different states across the US! Also, our group ALL THAT! has been featured on several television shows including Dance Fever, Star Search, and most recently, runners up on season 1 of America’s Got Talent!

7. Why do you recommend clogging to EVERYONE?

It’s kept me out of trouble and in great shape!

8. Who has been the most influential clogger to you?

I would have to say Steve Smith from KY, Brent Montgomery from Ohio, and Jeff Driggs from WV. All three have played major parts in getting me to where I am today.

9. How can help promote clogging to the masses even more?

Try to keep in touch with some of the more recognized more traveled groups and individuals across the country. I’ll help in any way I can!

10. What do you think of traditional clogging vs. the new hip-hop/jazz type clogging?

Everything evolves. Clogging has evolved in its own right with the hip hop style being included. I don’t like seeing too much of the hip hop stuff being added in though. A little bit is cool but too much takes away from the dance that we all LOVE, and that’s Clogging! I’d like to see the footwork continue to be pushed to the limits and a nice accent of the hip hop be thrown in. That would ideal for me.

ClogOn: Thanks so much Mike. It was great to talk to you about clogging.

Mike: Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for ya Nate! Talk to you soon!

Mike Curtis

INTERVIEW: All That Clogging Specialist Mike Curtis

If you haven’t heard, there’s a clogging group right now on America’s Got Talent and they are ROCKING IT!

All That just advanced to the wild card round of America’s Got Talent. We’re so excited for them and appreciate them representing contemporary clogging so well. had the chance to interview Mike Curtis from All That. To help “keep clogging strong!” we love talking to people like Mike about the different dimensions of clog dancing: frequently asked clogging questions, where clogging is headed, and why everyone should get involved in clogging.

Special thanks to Mike for taking time out of his busy schedule to interview with  This is Part 1 of a two part interview with Mike:

1. What’s the difference between clogging and tap?

Clogging uses the heel of your foot as much as the toe whereas tap dancing uses primarily the toe. Also, with clogging you hit the floor a lot harder than tapping which produces a lot louder sound.

2. Why should I get in to clogging, I’m already in tap, jazz and ballet?

Clogging is unique, tons of fun, a better cardio workout than most dances, and clogging is on the rise! It’s becoming very popular across the country!

3. What’s better, nail on or glue on taps?

Nail on taps are definitely better. Glue on are simply difficult to keep on the shoes, no matter how well they are put on.

4. What do you prefer, the split toe clogging shoe or the Mr. Stomper?

Neither. I prefer the Director’s cut shoe. We have been working with Capezio, designing a new clogging shoe that should be released soon. They will be the perfect shoe! (when they come out, ClogOn will definitely carry these clogging shoes!)

5. How long have you been clogging?

I’ve been clogging 18 years.

Stay tune for part 2 of the interview with Mike Curtis from All That. Subscribe to our free email notification for the latest clogging updates, and let all your clogging friends know about!  Thanks to Mike for the great information about clogging!

VIDEO: All That on America’s Got Talent

Are You Ever “Too Old” to Clog?

We’ve talked with a lot of cloggers.

And our answer to the question, “Are you ever too old to clog?” is a definite NO WAY!

Check out this sweet heart working it in her clogging shoes:

For all of you out there that are in your “prime years”, we invite you to ClogOn!