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“All That” takes clogging to a new level again…!

Great Job All That! Make sure everyone votes for All That by calling 1.866.856.8305.

I’m glad we have three phone lines at so we could cast our vote 30 times for All That!

I was so impressed with your professionalism and composure. While some of the contestants argued with the judges, you all were courteous, confident and class-act-cloggers. Way to show America what modern clogging is all about.

What’s next? When you win the Big Prize where do you plan to perform next? How can help you continue to “take clogging to the next level in the entertainment industry?”

All That Clogging Team

One way we can “take clogging to the next level…”

Promoting clogging should be something we think about often – what can I do to promote clogging today? How can I increase my clogging awareness and productivity? Listed below are a few simple suggestions that we might use.

Look to the Future of Clogging – focus on the benefits of progression in clogging. Think about the consequences of putting it off – it will only hold all cloggers back. By promoting clogging frequently, you will avoid the discouragement of having other things get in the way. Try to think of how you feel when you complete goals – you are able to enjoy the experience and see the fruit of your labor. Think about where you want to arrive with clogging. Are you the next Sherry Glass? Do you want to instruct with the likes of Jeff Driggs? Is All That a team you look up to? These goals have to be kept in mind to avoid procrastination of promoting clog dance.

Do it Now – do not wait. Alot of your personal clogging skill development is up to you. As you develop your own clogging skills and share them with others, one thing will lead to another.

Accept the Best That You Can Do – no one is perfect. When performing clogging routines, do not wait until you are perfect in every way. Clog the best that you can, share your talents, and then move on. Accept that you will occasionally make a mistake, but know that every time you perform, people are watching. You never know what effect you’ll have on them. The best you can do is all that can be asked of you. The best cloggers understand this and rise to the occasion. They “keep clogging strong!”

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