Adult Clogging Classes in Utah Starting Soon!

Jennifer Powers will be offering adult clogging classes in Utah!

Here are the details:


Monday’s 7:00-7:45 p.m.

Starting Sept. 14th

Registration is this Monday, August 10th from 4-6 pm or you can contact Jennifer via Facebook!


2150 S 3700 W
West Valley, UT


Tuition $35.00


This class is primarily for Utah cloggers who have former clogging experience.  If you’re interested in beginning clogging classes, contact ClogOn Management.



  1. Do you still have room for another person in your class? I would love to get back into clogging. Let me know.


  2. Do you know of any clogging classes in the cache valley area? Adults and children! I would love to get back into it and have also been approached by many people who knew that I used to clog and are interested as well!
    Thanks, Cameron

  3. Mandee Nelson says

    Oh, to clog again!!!!
    When does your next class start, or is it too late to join the class that started last week? I am fast learner and will easily catch up.

    Thanks, Mandee 😛

  4. Kristie Lee says

    I am looking for beginner clogging classes for adults and teens. Do you offer any or know of anyone that does?

    • Hello Kristie,

      Where are you located?

      Let me know and I’ll do some research for you.

      Would you be interested in learning from home on a DVD or downloadable program?

      Talk soon!

      Nate Moller

  5. Jenny,

    Please contact me regarding your clogging classes. Nichole 801-699-8986

  6. I noticed this was posted a year ago. I she still teaching classes? I am very much interested and am having a hard time finding adult clogging classes in Utah. Is there any contact info, a phone# or name of the studio?
    Thanks much!

  7. I am trying to find clogging in Cache Valley. Do you know of any classes? Adult and Children. I noticed Cameron had a similar post about a year ago. Wondering what you found out.

    • @Jamie – we’ll look for you right away and let you know.

      Thanks for visiting!

      • Just wondering if you have had any luck finding a clogging group/class in the Cache Valley area? I have been given two names, which have not panned out. Might have to start my own. Jenny was my teacher for many years back in the 80’s in American Fork. Good times. Jamie

  8. Are you still doing clogging classes here in utah? If so how would I go about signing up for it? I am dying to get back into clogging and would love to start again. Please let me know. Thanks!

  9. I am looking for beginning clogging classes for 6 yr. olds in the Murray/ Taylorsville/ West Jordan Area, do you have any suggestions?

    • I don’t know if you got a response from anyone….and don’t want to conflict…so Jeni…let me know if you have a spot for 6 year olds, but I teach clogging in the Holiday/Milcreek area…and just started up a class…email me if you are still needing to find a clogging class. (I teach adults and children)

  10. Kristin Barlow says

    I am seeking a qualified clogging teacher for our new dance studio in Perry Utah. If you know of any candidates, please let me know – thanks

  11. Danyelle Elmore says

    Is there room for one more this year? I just moved to Taylorsville and would love to get in a class.

  12. My son wheres a size 10 1/2 size shoe and needs some clogging shoes. Do you know where he could get some shoes in Utah County or SLC? This is his first time clogging and he needs shoes ASAP.

    • Sorry for the delayed response. We carry clogging shoes in that size and even have some in “seconds”.

      Let us know. Thanks Susan.

  13. I have myself and a friend and her daughter that would love to join a class