The Fab Five Clog On on Americas Got Talent

Hope you are all voting for The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent!

I thought they did another great job tonight and am so excited for them. I hope they win it all on America’s Got Talent!

I did get some feedback on Facebook and other places about the music selection and costumes. Some were for, some were against.

What do you think?

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A Bit of America’s Got Talent Controversy?

Also, what did you all think of the comment by Arcadian Broad?

If I could say something…I didn’t have this planned. I didn’t want to do High School Musical; the producers gave me this hand…

I thought it was really funny how the judges and Emcee tried to cover.

It’s up to America who stays on this show…


The acts do have a final say on what they do when they perform.

Is there any doubt that somehow poor Arcadia WON’T be coming back? Interesting is all I have to say about that 🙂

Vote for The Fab Five Tonight on America’s Got Talent

Special thanks to Jessica Alba for the following information:

TODAY TUESDAY SEPT 1 – WATCH FAB 5 ON AMERICAS GOT TALENT on NBC! (check local listings for time and channel)


Over 15 million people may watch the finals and The Fab 5 Sisters need your help!


  1. EMAIL: Get some NEW EMAIL ADDRESSES at or – the addresses are FREE and you can get as many as you want. You can then vote 10 times per email addresFs
  2. FRIENDS: CALL your friends or EMAIL them and remind them to watch the show
  3. TV: Watch the Semi-Finals this Tuesday September 1
  4. VOTE for the Cloggers – The Fab 5

There are multiple ways to Vote – All essentially Free from any additional cost

  1. CALL the number for Fab 5 – any and all cell phones or land line you can vote 10 TIMES PER LINE – just keep dialing the FAB 5 phone number you see on the TV or if you miss it go to for their phone number
  2. TEXT if you have AT&T – you can vote 10 TIMES PER PHONEDo these 2 Things first because you have only 2 hours after the show ends – then…
  3. CALL your friends and remind them to vote even if the 2 hours is over – tell them to go to the internet and vote
  4. Finally, Get on the INTERNET and VOTE at or go to this link and VOTE 10 Times PER EMAIL ADDRESS YOU HAVE 5 email addresses times 10 votes each = 50 votes

YOU CAN VOTE ON THE INTERNET for 8 HOURS (until 6am the next day)

PLEASE DO YOUR PART and help the COUNTRY see how great THE FAB 5 DANCERS are and getting them to the finals – Watch the results SHOW WED SEPT 2 to see if we did enough to get them through.

Please forward this blog post to every friend, dancer or family you know – email your dance students or you might give them a flyer.

Here’s the link:

Pass it on! Best of luck to The Fab Five on America’s Got Talent!

Gary Larsen Takes Clogging to a Whole New Level

I watched this and all I could say is WOW!

Having know Gary Larsen for almost all my clogging life, and also knowing his history in dance, including Tap, Irish Hard Shoe, and French Canadian, what you see here is a master piece.

A few questions I have for Gary:

  1. What type of clogging shoes are you wearing?
  2. What about the style of dance taps – they don’t sound like a jingle or buck tap?
  3. Is there a steel flange on the toe of each tap?
  4. When can I start clogging again and be your apprentice? 🙂

What do you all think of  this new clogging style? or is it really clogging at all – maybe a new form of percussive dance?

ClogOn Interview – Brian Bon on Clogging

Who is Brian Bon?

Brian Bon has been involved in clogging full time for 25 years, beginning in Utah with 5 years on national championship team, The Steele Family Cloggers, along with his well known family group, The Bon Family Cloggers. Since then he has spent his time trying to expand recognition for clogging as a legitimate art form by redefining the public’s perception via 1000’s of performances in contemporary settings with his professional company, POWERHOUSE!!!, which has done various TV and film projects and is currently on a 73 date performance tour, continuing to grow each year.  His student group, The CA All-Stars, is one of CA’s longest existing teams.

1. What’s the difference between clogging and tap?

Mainly style differences separate similar footwork elements in various percussive dance styles like clogging, tap, or Irish step.

Clogging is an aggressive style of percussive dance with various sub-styles. Mainly however, contemporary clogging is much more aerobic, with dancers generally dancing in a low “seated” position with bent knees and on their toes.

Tap dancing also has various sub-styles, including “Broadway” tap or hoofing. “Broadway” tap is very lifted and presentational and generally not as intricate. Hoofing is generally very loose in the upper-body with little or no arm choreography and extremely intricate footwork.

2. Why should I get in to clogging, I’m already in tap, jazz and ballet?

Any time you can cross train in various dance forms it makes you a more competitive and stronger dancer.

3. What’s better, nail on or glue on taps?

Nail on taps stay on MUCH longer than the glue on type.

4. What do you prefer, the split toe clogging shoe or the stomper?

I never tried the split toe shoe. The dance class stompers are okay. They are not as sturdy as comparable tap dance shoes (which are also very often built up).

5. How long have you been clogging?

25 years

6. Where has clogging taken you?

Clogging has been with me every day of my life and everywhere I’ve been since I was 14 years old. It has given me my career and a large part of my personal identity. It helped me develop into a much more well rounded individual.

7. Why do you recommend clogging to EVERYONE?

The answer is simple: clogging is an amazing talent that nearly everyone can do. It doesn’t typically have size or age limits. Nor is it delegated to one sex or the other. Clogging allows people who might not otherwise be dancers to be just that.

8. Who has been the most influential clogger to you?

Bryan Steele

9. What do you think of traditional clogging vs. the new hip-hop/jazz type clogging?

It’s great as long as it’s done well.

The Fab Five Advances – Finals Here We Come?

A HUGE Congratulations to all the participants in America’s Got Talent 2009.  Great work to all of the contestants.

We at are especially excited for The Fab Five cloggers from Utah!  Thanks for representing clogging on a global scale.

New ClogOn Poll!

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As we watched the semi-finals tonight we really think it will be between two groups – The Fab Five and Paradizo Dance.

Here’s why:

The Texas Tenors

pic source

Yeah, they’re from the country, they have pretty good voices, and could fit in to the Vegas limelight (if you like that kind of music), BUT they were pretty corny in their last performance.

Tony and Rory

Unique, creative, and all that but is a “dog and pony show” really all America has to offer?  The grassy city park is a great place to show off your skills 🙂

Voices of Glory

I’m not a singer, never have been, never will be – HOWEVER, I would say this groups good looks is about ALL that got them in the semi-finals.  I was impressed that the oldest singer admitted they were off at the first of their song, but I wasn’t really sure they ever got back “on”.  Nice kids but not the best America has to offer – at least not this time.

Paradizo Dance

pic source

Not only do they seem to be really passionate about what they are doing, but they are pretty good at it.  To me, they seem to be a great fit for the “Vegas Limelight”.  My only question about them is what do they have in their bag of dancing tricks…

The Fab Five

pic source

Yes, I’ll admit that I’m biased as a fellow Idaho and Utah clogger, but I’ve grown up with these girls.  I’ve competed with them and against them at the nationals of the west; I’ve seen many of their “dancing skills” and know they got a lot more they can bring to the table.  I was really impressed with the music selection, the costumes, and the special effects – thought all of this brought a great overall performance, even to people who have no idea what clogging is.  I truly think, all bias aside, that The Fab Five have the best overall shot to win it all on America’s Got Talent!

Stay tune for more information.

We’d love to hear your reasoning on who you think should get to the next level and ultimately win it all…

Will The Fab Five Move on to the Next Round

What do the ClogOn readers think?

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Have they made it to the next round of America’s Got Talent?

Stay tune tonight for the results!

Go Fab Five!

Cloggers Vote for The Fab Five TONIGHT

Please Pass This On to Your Friends, Family, Facebook Connections, etc.

Here’s the link:

Here are some details you may need to be aware of:

Important details about voting on America’s Got Talent:

How do I vote?
There are 3 ways to vote for contestants/performers on America’s Got Talent each week: toll-free, AT&T SMS and online. Each of the contestants/performers will be assigned their own toll-free number (e.g. 1-866-60-AGT01 for contestant 1, 1-866-60-AGT02 for contestant 2 etc.) and SMS short code (e.g. 4801 for contestant 1, 4802 for contestant 2 etc.) during the show. To vote, simply watch America’s Got Talent on NBC (see local listings for times in your area) and at the end of the show dial the number of the contestant for whom you wish to vote. Or create a text message with the word VOTE in the message body and send it to the short code number of the contestant for whom you wish to vote. Or, log on to and follow the links to vote online. You may vote up to 10 times online per e-mail address, up to 10 times via toll-free per originating phone number, and up to 10 times by AT&T text message per originating phone number. The producers reserve the right to disqualify, block or remove any votes from an individual who votes using any electronic, mechanical or automated means, or otherwise tampers with the vote process.

How many times can I vote?
You may vote up to 10 times per e-mail address via online voting, up to 10 times per originating phone number via toll-free telephone voting, and up to 10 times per originating phone number via text message voting (you must be an AT&T subscriber to vote via text). Any additional votes you attempt to cast above these limits will NOT count. The producers reserve the right to disqualify, block or remove any votes from any individual who votes by any electronic, mechanical or automated means, or otherwise tampers with the vote process. Rules and procedures are subject to change at the producers’ sole discretion without notice.

Who can vote?
Anyone calling, texting or voting online from within Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico can cast their vote(s) for contestants on America’s Got Talent. To vote online, you must be 13 years of age or older. To vote via text message you must be an AT&T subscriber.

How do I find out the results?
The results will be revealed during the subsequent America’s Got Talent shows on NBC. Check your local listings for show times.

Vote for The Fab Five Tomorrow on AGT

Reminder, The Fab Five will be on America’s Got Talent TOMORROW, August 11th, 2009. Make sure to vote for them and support your clogging friends!

Best of luck to the Utah clogging group – The Fab Five!

Adult Clogging Classes in Utah Starting Soon!

Jennifer Powers will be offering adult clogging classes in Utah!

Here are the details:


Monday’s 7:00-7:45 p.m.

Starting Sept. 14th

Registration is this Monday, August 10th from 4-6 pm or you can contact Jennifer via Facebook!


2150 S 3700 W
West Valley, UT


Tuition $35.00


This class is primarily for Utah cloggers who have former clogging experience.  If you’re interested in beginning clogging classes, contact ClogOn Management.


Clogging Director Interview: Tamsyn Farmer Simon

From time to time, likes to interview the people that have a huge roll in helping us “keep clogging strong!” – the DIRECTORS of cloggers all over the world.

Thanks to connections we’ve made on the ClogOn Page on Facebook, here’s a recent interview we did with Tamsyn Famer Simon from – home of the Harrison Hoedowners in Harrison, AR.

1. How’d you start clogging?

I used to go with my grandparents to clogging classes and play with toys. When I started walking I started shuffling around (18 months) and clapping to the beat; and low and behold, I was recruited (the Cedar Bluff Hoedowners – 5 yrs old)

2. Where has clogging taken you?

I’ve danced in MO, OK, KS, IN, TN, AR, LA, TX, IL, and GA –  never out west yet 🙂 I also competed in Miss American Clogger twice!

3. Who has been the most influential clogger to you?

Pat Skinner Boshe who was my first clogging teacher.  The Southern Belles clogging team has also been very inspiring and influential – I love watching their precision.

4. How long have you been a clogging instructor?

Since I was 16 (in the dance studio world). I started my 1st studio on my own when I was 21; 25 now – 9 years plus

5. What’s the best thing about being an instructor?

Watching the little fire ignite in new cloggers – it clicks and then they love it forever, they get it, they go to competition, it’s exciting – it’s so fun to see the kids compete.

6. What’s the biggest challenge?

I could write a book about the challenges 🙂 – retaining students after the beginning class is probably the toughest challenge; keeping the teenagers has been tough – I’ve had a hard time with teenage cloggers who get involved in variety of other activities.

7. What style of clogging shoe do you prefer?

(The split toe clogging shoe, the stomper, the scoop (for women), or something else?)

Pee-wees can use stompers or taps on tennis shoes, teams wear split-soles, adults wear stompers, soon to be in scoops (hoedown and traditional line).

8. If could do one specific thing to help “keep clogging strong”, what would you recommend?

Stay close to our traditional clogging roots. Teach people the history of clogging and how important it is to learn traditional clogging. Move to contemporary later on. Keep the family involvement close too.  To me, this is one of the best things about clogging – the family affiliation.

Ms. Tamsyn has been clogging for over 20 years and describes her love of clogging as a passion. Having studied ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and gymnastics, as well as acting, vocal, and modeling, Tamsyn has a deeply rooted love for the stage and entertaining. She has trained/performed with the Springfield Ballet, Dancers Image, Cedar Bluff Hoedowners, Pat’s Clogging Studios, Ozark Mountain Gymnastics, Southwest Missouri Children’s Choir, in several Branson venues, and at numerous pageants. Tamsyn has won many awards in clogging and dance competitions, as well as pageants, as a soloist, team member, and choreographer/instructor. She is alumni of Lead Hill High School and University of Arkansas. Tamsyn is married and they have one daughter. She serves as a committee member for Fridays on the Square, Chairman of Harvest Homecoming, and is involved in pageants.