ClogOn Fan Page Hits 1,500 Fans

Many of you have probably seen this already, but if you haven’t, here’s the great news!

The ClogOn Fan Page has 1,500 Fans!

Congratulations to

Slecna Zuzana Mervova

She is the winner of the 1st ClogOn Raffle. She’s picking from one of the following prizes:

  • Steven’s Stomper Clogging Taps
  • ClogOn Clogging Dance T-Shirt
  • Capezio Dance Bag

We plan to have at least two more ClogOn Giveaways within the next month or two.

Make sure you become a fan of ClogOn on Facebook so you can win won of the prizes too!*

Thanks for helping us “keep clogging strong!”

Nate Moller is on Facebook

Many of you may think Facebook is for kids or avid party people in college.  Think again 🙂

Facebook is used more and more by businesses who see the huge value in connecting with their audience on a name to name basis.

Check out what is doing on Facebook:

Goal: To get over 1,000 fans on the ClogOn Page.

How quick do you all think we can do this?

The ClogOn page on Facebook has been running since July 15, 2009 and we’re up to 315 fans.  That means we at about 17.5 new cloggers per day so far.  If we continue at that pace it will take us 39 days to hit the goal.

I’m excited to hear suggestions on how we can hit the goal quicker.

If we can hit this goal of over 1,000 fans on the ClogOn Page by 2 weeks from today (Monday, August 3rd), we’ll offer a special “Facebook Flyer” for all our Facebook Fans.

This flyer will save you 10% Off EVERYTHING at*

How to Become a ClogOn Fan!

Step 1:

Join Facebook or Login

Step 2:

In the search bar at the top right corner of the screen, type in clogon.

Step 3:

Click on the Become a Fan text on the right.

Step 4:

Start connecting with cloggers! Add clogging pictures, clogging videos, or a simple “Howdy” on the Wall

Step 5:

Prepare to be part of the ClogOn “Facebook Flyer” to kick off the new clogging season.

Step 6:

Pass this article on to all your clogging friends too so they can save money on clogging dance products at

Here’s the link:

Let all your clogging friends know about ClogOn on Facebook and SAVE on Clogging Products for the new clogging season!

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