New Clogging Article is celebrating it’s 1st Year Anniversary – dedicated to “keep clogging strong!” I’ve been involved in clogging for over 20 years and have often wondered “Why hasn’t clogging ever been as popular as the other dance disciplines like tap, jazz, ballet, irish, etc.?” What do you all think?

My main focus in building is to “take clogging to the next level in the entertainment industry – to keep clogging strong!” From my experience, once a clogger, always a clogger. It’s just a matter of getting the word out about how much fun clogging is. I am in the process of doing research on Irish dancing to see what “Lord of the Dance” did for Irish hard shoe popularity. To me, it really propelled the interest and excitement of the dance community in general. (Irish dancers, let me know if I’m wrong.)

The question is this: what can we do as cloggers to have that same effect on the dance world? is committed to finding answers. My college background is in marketing; I realize that you can have the cure for cancer, but if you don’t get the word out and market it effectively, no one will really benefit. That’s the way I feel about clogging too. It’s just a matter of spreading the word, inviting people to look in to it, give it a try, shuffle their feet. The best thing about clogging over other dance forms is anyone can do it. As I research more about jazz, hip hop, and ballet, it seems that they require a high level of flexibility, conditioning, and dedication. Clogging does require some of those as well, but you can clog while your walking in the grocery store. You can clog while sitting in your office chair (I do it all the time); it is a great form of exercise yet doesn’t require nearly as much conditioning and flexibility as other dance forms.

Anyway! I’ve said about enough. LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS about this article. You can contact me directly at

keep clogging strong!

These are some of the replies we’ve received. Thanks and keep them coming!

Hey Nathan it is Tracy M. – great questions. I too have always wondered why clogging doesn’t get the coolness factor like Riverdance etc. I believe that it is certainly on the rise – at least where we live. Every time we perform we have tremendous attention and applause. I do think that, like any art form, the past needs to meet present to keep living. Our group seems to make a lasting impression. I think it really depends on the group and the area that you are clogging. In La Crosse clogging is not as well known as in other parts of the country – and that can work for us or against us. I could go on for many pages as I too have developed a marketing strategy here locally to promote clogging. Great to always share ideas with you. Tracy
I am going to a competition on April 28th. i have a solo i am doing, a trio with my clogging buddies, and a group with my team.
From, Sarah


  1. Nathan! I know your love for clogging keeps your mind going in creating new ideas for experience! Thank you, and I love your site. I have a concern….Here goes: In our particular group, here at home, we only dance 4 hrs per month! This does not make me very happy. I think we need at least 2 to 3 hrs a week, 1 night a week; but our teacher teaches beginners as well as advanced on the SAME night! I would think she needs to split the days for beg & adv; not being on the same night; to focus individually. Also…when do we “re-vote” in staff members? Like Treasurer, pres., Vice Pres. Etc…..? Tell me your schedules for your groups? Like how many hrs do you practice per week? So on? Clogger Friend: Durindia S.

    Thanks so much for your valued feedback. I’m glad you love the site – it’s always a work in progress! I agree that more is better when it comes to practice. Our team usually practiced one night a week for at least 2 hours, maybe more depending on upcoming events/performances/competitions. We also had extra practices some times to prepare even more. It’s really tough when an instructor has to teach both beginning and advanced in the same night; but it may be all they can handle at the moment. I would recommend trying to find someone from within your dance studio that can teach the beginning class, at least for the time being. Not only will it be a great experience for the teacher, but it will give each class more individual attention.

    Nathan, Thank you for taking the time to personally view and respond to my clogging concerns…That is a great idea to “Share” others thoughts! Best Wishes Always! Clogger Friend Durindia S.