Updated ClogOn Clogging Shoe Size Survey

One of our main goals at ClogOn.com is to help cloggers “keep clogging strong!”
We strive to do this by getting you great deals on clogging shoes, taps, dance bags, and more!
A common question we get is:

Which size is going to work best for me?”

Unfortunately, without being able to meet with each of our clients and test different sizes, we can’t 100% accurately give our advice.

In order to best help cloggers avoid having to exchange or return their clogging shoes, we’ve put together an updated survey to make the sizing process as “Scientific” as possible.

Thanks for your feedback and for helping us “keep clogging strong!”


Nate Moller

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  1. Hi,

    please tell me what % of shoe size both men and women to each size please.

    I think only fair to ask as you ask people for their details.

    So please tell me your findings